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Kingdom of Prussia (English)
Königreich Preußen (German)
Timeline: Principia Moderni III (Map Game)
OTL equivalent: Kingdom of Prussia
. 1525 - 1658 | 1760-
New Prussia Flag.jpg Wappen Preußen.png
Coat of arms
Gott mit uns! (God with us!)
(and largest city)
Official languages German
Demonym Prussian
Religion Protestantism
Government Monarchy
 -  King Frederick II
 -  Royal House Hessen
 -  Establishment 1525 
 -  Civil War 1593 - 1594 
 -  Re-establishment 1760 
Currency Reichsthaler

The Kingdom of Prussia is one of the consituent kingdoms of the United German Kingdoms. It is the successor of the old Kingdom of Prussia which was conquered by Pskov in the mid-seventeenth century. After the Kingdom successfully rebelled against Pskovian rule, it rejoined the Holy Roman Empire. But when the nobles launched a coup d'état against the ruling von Hessen dynasty, Hamburg intervened to restore order. But this intervention was obstructed by an invasion by Pskov, looking to re-subjugate the area, after several years of failed negotiations, Hamburg forcefully expelled the Pskovians, also returning Memel to Prussian jurisdiction. Prussian members of the House of Lords, however, took part on the Ferdinandist side of the Hamburg war of Succession, briefly asserting independence as a noble republic before capitulating to the Sophian armies. After the Sophian victory, Prussia was formally incorporated as a founding member of the United German Kingdoms.


  • Neu Preußen (Florida)
  • Zollern Insels (Bahamas)
    • Vorsehung Insel (New Providence)
      • Hechingen (Nassau)
    • Groß Zollern (Grand Bahama)
      • St. Constance (Freeport)
    • (Abaco)
      • Burkhard (Coopers Town)
    • Apostel (Andros)
      • Karl-stadt (Nicholls Town)
      • Wilhelm-stadt (Andros Town)
      • St. Andreas
  • Neu Franken (Southern Florida)
    • Frankenburg
    • Mainburg
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