Prussians in Paris

In our timeline Prussia, who made peace with France, was later invaded and crushed. In this timeline, Prussia is more prepared for the invasion and proves Napoleon's strategy's wrong.

  • 1812, June, 23rd, Russia is invaded, France demands Prussia sends supplies to France, Prussian Parliament, after discussing the problem, refuses.
  • 1813, May, 2nd, Prussia and its allies score an amazing victory over French forces at Lutzen.
  • 1813, May, 20-21st, the Prussian army, which was near the splitting point (the area where the army would split into and attack Holland and Alsace Lorraine), is caught by surprise at the city of Eschweiler, but they win nether the less.
  • 1813, June, 6th, The Prussian army begins its split over into Holland and Alsace Lorraine, both meet weak resistance.
  • 1813, June, 15th, The two armies meet an counter-attack at there meeting point, Amiens, a trap made by Napoleon.
  • 1813, July, 2nd, after 18 days of fighting, the French army fall back and begin to get ready for the main offense, unknown to them is that the attack would happen in the spring of 1814.
  • 1814, April 17th, the attack begins but the army meets stiff resistance (dug out and other defensive structures had been prepared for the attack).
  • 1814, September 5th, The Prussian army, after months of fighting, marches into Paris.
  • 1814, September 6th, the French government surrenders, unfortunately Napoleon and what's left of his army do not surrender and disappear for some time. The hunt for Napoleon begins.
  • 1814, November 16th, the French army and Napoleon are thought to be mostly dead and the hunt ends.

99 Years Later

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