Timeline: Fidem Pacis

OTL equivalent: Wales, western England
Britain (Fidem Pacis)
Location of Prydain
(and largest city)
Other cities Caerbrauc, Caerlleon
  others Various immigrant languages
Religion Islam
Demonym British
Government Parliamentary constitutional monarchy
King David III
Population 58,416,030 
Established 926
Annexation to Albion
  date 1707
Currency Denyr
Prydain is a constituent country within the United Kingdoms of Albion and was formerly an independent kingdom in its own right. It occupies most of the western and central portions of the island of Albion, as well as numerous smaller offshore islands, and is home to the majority of Albion's population.

Prydain emerged from the collection of independent British-speaking kingdoms which arose following the end of Roman rule in the island. For a time their existence was threatened by Angle and Saxon attacks, but after the Battle of Loidis a period of relative peace arose known as the Ennarchy. Most of the north fell to Danish invasions during the late 9th century, but the surviving states fought back under the leadership of Dyfnaint and successfully reconquered the region during the 10th century. During this time Dyfnaint absorbed most of the British lands into itself and proclaimed the creation of the Kingdom of Prydain in 927.

In 1078 Prydain was conquered by King Hywel of Arvor, bringing it back into the continental sphere of events. Under Hywel's successors, the Jersiais dynasty, Prydain became the centre of a multinational empire which spanned both sides of the Gallic Channel and most of the Albic Isles. With the exception of Eriu, most of Prydain's overseas possessions in Europe were lost by 1605 when the Treaty of Lisbon was concluded, but by that time it had already begun exploring and colonising areas of the New World.

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