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What if several rich and powerful religious groups, starting with a Christian group, were to somehow raise their own modern armies and travel back to the post-Roman world to alter history in their religion's favor?

6th Century


563: A massive army and navy appear in OTL South Africa. The then-uncivilised locals are immediately subdued and taught modern English. They are then assigned to work, building ports and mines, but not as slave labor. They receive wages for their work and are also encouraged to join the military. They are also brought to church, where Christian pastors try to spread the gospel to them.

564: A Christian colony is set up in OTL Venezuela to drill for oil, despite encountering resistance from locals, who are kept out by a force field.

566: Modern cities are successfully constructed in OTL South Africa, which is now established as the Christian Republic, and the Christian colony in OTL Venezuela, which is named Christian South America.

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