September 25, 1690

The first edition of "Publick Occurences, both Forreign and Domestic" is published. After some reflection, Benjamin Harris wisely refrains from publishing his story about the King of France having an affair with his son's wife.

October 25, 1690

The next issue is published. In this issue, there is the first-ever obituary in the British Colonies, of a local merchant.

November 25, 1690

The first editorial, or opinion piece, is published in this issue, which is critical of the French. Many people are upset; however, the British, because of their rivalry with the French, decide to leave the issue alone.

December 25, 1690

Another opinion piece about Christmas is printed in the holiday edition. The first birth announcement is printed in this issue as well.

January 25, 1691

With the 5th edition the paper is growing in popularity and circulation and Mr. Harris begins hiring several assistants.

February 25, 1691

Another first: a well-known shoe merchant publishes the first advertisement in the paper.

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