Alternative History
Pueblo Department
Timeline: Principia Moderni IV (Map Game)

OTL equivalent: Arizona, New Mexico and Texas
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital City Lubbock
Language Puebloan, German, English
  others Mzerkan Animism
Ethnic Group Puebloan, Germans, Navajo, Englishmen
Demonym Puebloan
Government Republican Federal Subject
Population estimated 905,000 
Established 1746
Annexation to Federated States of Arcadia
  date 1916
Currency Arcadian Frank
Time Zone UTC-6

Pueblo History

In the late 1740s the Pueblo tribes of the OTL South Western United States banded together in order to protect themselves from raiding. In 1749 they officially formed a confederacy.

in the early 1750s the Pueblo Confederacy felt harassed by the Iberian Empire and a tense political situation began to rise. Both sides responded by stationing their armies at the border. In order to avoid a bloody conflict the Pueblo drew up a treaty entitled the Treaty of Isleta. The treaty negotiated peace and also made the Pueblo Confederacy a vassal of the Iberian Empire.

In 1768 the Pueblo Confederacy absorbed the Navajo tribes. In order to establish a balance of power two regional capitals were established: one named Bear Lake in the Navajo region and Taos in the Pueblo region. Santa Fe was established as a joint capital.

In the late 1770's the Pueblo Confederacy engaged in a series of wars with the Comanche.