QIANFENG Emperor, the Son of Heaven, Emperor of All China, President of the East Asian Confederation.

Emperor Qianfeng of All China, with his five children.

Lin Wong
Emperor of all China

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Religion Confucianism and Buddhism, (Alleged Taoism)

Qing Qianfeng, is the imperial name of the current Qing emperor of China. In contrast to earlier emperors, Qianfeng made history by having a personal relationship with the citizens of Qing China. Famously touted as the People's Emperor. Qianfeng, constantly refers to the antiqued Mandate of Heaven, as a responsiblity to care for the people. Qianfeng has also used his concept to pressure beuacrats and represenatives into following his own rule. Qianfeng took the reigns during trobuled years for the dynasty, in the failure of the Anglo-Asian Wars. Qianfeng reversed the policies of his father, who had spent his life attempting to reform the nation into a westernized consitutional monarchy. According to outside obersevers the guiding ideas of the emperor's reign is a populist conservatism, that seeks connects to the thoughs and feelings of the ordinary. Qianfeng's reign has been dedicated to creating a rennsanice of traditional Chinese thought, and to be a guardian of Chinese who have no political influence.

Preceded by:
Janzi Emperor
Flag of the Qing dynasty (1889-1912).svg
Emperor of China
Prince Jonzi
President of the East-Asian Confederation
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