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Napoleon Bonaparte the First on the Imperial Throne.

Qu'il Tous, French for "to have it all," is the story of what would have happened if Arthur Wellesley had been killed at the Battle of Assaye when his cavalry charged the Maratha cannons. With no commander in the Coalition able to defeat him, Napoleon's France becomes victorious in the Napoleonic Wars, and France becomes the world's greatest superpower. So, what would have happened if Napoleon were to have it all?


The Point of Divergence in this ATL occurs on September 23, 1803, the Battle of Assaye occurs between 9,500 men of the British Army versus 50,000 men of the Maratha Confederacy. Leading the British is Colonel Arthur Wellesley, as he leads the 7th Madras Native Cavalry in a charge against the Maratha cannons, they fire a shot into the horsemen, breaking Wellesley's horse's leg and causing them to fall to the ground and die. Although the British go on to win the battle, Wellesley is given a funeral in London and buried in his hometown of Dublin, Ireland. Meanwhile, Napoleon's France is on the rise in the Continental Europe as one power after another is brought to its knees at the hands of the mighty French Army, but with Wellesley gone, can anyone, even the mighty British Empire, stop Napoleon's rise to power?


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