Quebec (Great Poland)

République Quebecois
Quebec Republic
Flag of Quebec.svg
Coat of arms of Québec.svg
French: Je me souviens
(I remember)
Les chants de la Louisiane
Quebec (Great Poland).png

Quebec location in North America
Capital Quebec (3,824,221 inh.)
Largest City Des Moins or Checagou (both 9,000,000 inn). Disputed
Official Language
Government Type
-Vincent Marois.
-Union with Lousianne.
Area 9,876,954 sq km
Population 229,932,000 inh.
GDP Nominal Turkish lira symbol black.svg 14,456 trillion (3rd)
GDP PPP 2007 Turkish lira symbol black.svg 14,786 trillion (4th)
HDI 0.941
HDI Rank 7th (very high)
Currency Québécois Franc ₣
Demonym Québécois.
Administrative Divisions 45 departments.
  • Catholicism 96%
  • Islam 3.1%
  • Others 0.9%
Armed Forces 1,217 thousand active troops.
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