Alternative History
Kingdom of Quebec
Royaume de Québec
Timeline: Hope of the World
OTL equivalent: Lower Canada, the Maritimes, and Saint-Pierre and Miquelon
Flag Coat of Arms
Je me souviens
I remember
Gens du pays
People of my country (national)
Grand Dieu Sauve le Roi
Great God Save the King (royal)
CapitalQuebec City
Largest city Montreal
Official languages French
Demonym Quebecois
Government unitary parliamentary constitutional monarchy
 -  King Louis V
 -  Prime Minister Julien Trudeau

Quebec (French: Québec), officially known as the Kingdom of Quebec (French: Royaume de Québec), is a nation in North America. It borders Canada to the north and west, the United States to the south, and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. Quebec City is the capital, however Montreal is the largest city.

Quebec's history started with the indigenous peoples, such as the Cree and Haudenosaunee. Colonization by the French began in 1534. When the French Revolution started in 1789, King Louis XVI and his family fled to Quebec, where he was crowned under a new title, "King of Quebec" as Louis I. Shortly after, he abdicated in favor of his son, who became Louis II. Quebec, while remaining neutral during the Great War, was more friendlier toward the Allied Powers. During the Cold War it sided with the capitalist powers. Today, it is a member of NATO and the League of Nations.