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Republic of Quebec
République du Québec
MottoJe me souviens
I remember (English)
AnthemGens du pays
CapitalQuebec City
Official languages French
Recognised regional languages English
Demonym Quebecer, Quebecois
Government Unitary parliamentary republic
 -  Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau
 -  Deputy Prime Minister Philippe Couillard
Legislature National Council
Independence from the United Kingdom
 -  Canadian Revolutionary War 7 December 1837 
 -  Treaty of Pittsburgh 30 December 1838 
 -  Independence from Canada 7 June 1842 
 -   estimate 7,903,001 
Currency Quebecois Dollar ($)
Time zone (UTC+1)
Drives on the right
Internet TLD .qc
Calling code +1

Quebec, officially the Republic of Quebec, is a nation in North America.