Miscott Elisiv (Queen Elisiv)
Directed by Mats Nilsson
Written by Livar Tantaquisson
Starring Kajsa Noren
Jógvan Sigmundsson
Studio AY Studios
Release date(s) 17th February, 1913
Running time 76 mins
Country Álengiamark
Language Álengsk intertitles

Miscott Elisiv (Queen Elisiv) is a 2013 film made by AY Studios. It is the first in the studio's planned series of 'romantic histories'.

The film was very well received on its release, even garnering royal approval after Thorey VII attended a 'royal premier'. It has even become extremely popular in many non-Norse Leifian countries. It has done less well in Europe however, perhaps as Álengsk history is not as widely known.

The plot largely concerns Elisiv and her first few years on the Álengsk throne combining a romantic relatioship with 'Earl Bjorn' and the war against the Wampanoag. Her advisors council her against a relationship with the young and 'foolish' Bjorn but she falls for him anyway. The film climaxes in a bravaura recreation of the Siege of Quispamis in 1137 with Elisiv riding into battle. Earl Bjorn, initially thought killed in battle, is found alive and the two are reunited.


Queen Elisiv - Kajsa Noren
Earl Bjorn - Jógvan Sigmundsson
Earl Ulf - Magnus Einarsson
Wampanoag leader - Hans Ásgeirsson
Maid - Marita Johannesdottír

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