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In this timeline Tikal, one of the most powerful Mayan city-states discovered gunpowder and advanced sailing. This allowed Tikal to unite the Mayans and form an empire. In Europe, Christopher Colombus was executed for heresy. This timeline was inspired by the greatest timeline on this website, Easternized World. Although what happened next could have never happened in our world, these events together created the exotic, feather-wearing colonists of the world...

Please comment on this world where Quetzalcoatlalism is the dominant religion.

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Xipe Totec mask Louvre MH 78-1-60

An Aztec mask of Xipe Totec


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1350 A.D.

Green is Maya, Blue is Aztec, Orange is Tlaxcala, Yellow is Tarascan, Grey is Chichamecas

During this time, The Aztecs continued violent raids on the Tlaxcalans and the Chichamecas. Mayans were united and increased technologically. The islands of the Caribbean were colonized by the Mayans. The Tarascans were able to get peace with the Aztecs, and became very economical. One of the first things the new Mayan Emperor does, is make slavery illegal.


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1470 A.D. (2)

Mayans cross Atlantic and start colonies in the land they name Aztlan. The Aztecs try to do the same, but Mayan Caribbean Soldiers put them off course. The Aztecs land in Yakkamuka (OTL Louisiana and Florida, Yakkamuka really refers to OTL American and Canada).


1510 A.D.

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The Aztec colonies in Yakkamuka expand until they connect. The Aztecs cross the Atlantic and conquer Spain and Portugal. A crusade is declared on the Aztec, but it is unsuccessful. The Mayans take more Muslim lands. The Tarascans take over the area south of the Maya Empire, which angers the Maya. War is averted though.


1550 A.D.

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The Chichamecas rapidly modernized and expanded deep into Yakkamuka. The Aztecs conquered large territories in Europe. The Maya legalized slavery and expanded their colonies to places where there were large numbers of potential slaves. The Maya, still angry at the Tarascans for taking what they believed to be rightfully Mayan declared war on the Tarascans. The War brought a quick Mayan victory. To make up for lost colonies, the Tarascans take over the Andean regions.



1650 A.D.
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The Aztecs begin a very violent and bloody campaign to conquer Europe and Egypt. The Campaigns of Scorched Earth end when Montezuma IV dies. The Mayans once again make slavery illegal. A Period of scientific learning and advancement comes to the Mayan Civilization. The Aztecs declare war on the Maya, but are defeated. Some of the Aztec colonies are given to the Mayan Empire. The Tarascans continue to colonize Southern Meshikou.


1750 A.D.

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The Tlaxcalans win a brief war with the Aztecs, and gain valuable port cities. They start an empire, and take southern Aztlan. The Aztec soundly defeat the Chichamecas. The Chichamecas realize that they lost because they don't have lots of colonial resources. So they also start colonizing Aztlan. The Tarascans go around the Pacific and land in a place they name, QueSlequah (OTL, Papua New Guinea). Later the Tlaxcalans also express an interest in Hindustan. They take the island of Ceylonaltec. All five major powers expand.

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