Point of Divergence

Eli Whitney (inventor of the cotton gin) dies in his youth in a tragic farming accident on his family’s farm. Subsequently he does not go on to invent the cotton gin in 1794, setting into motion a series of events leading to a drastically different North American continent.


Map of the United States (RIP Lil Eli)
  • 1765- Eli Whitney born in Westborough Massachusetts
  • 1779- Whitney dies in a farming accident
  • 1820- Lawmakers prohibit the possession, sale, or purchase of human beings in Virginia, the last state in the union to do so (Decline of Slavery)
  • 1826- African American men were given the right to vote
  • 1833- The southern states merge into one large state, known as the Southern Territory (Southern Merge)
  • 1833-1858- Women's rights movements endure long fight with no tangible progress (Effects on Women)
  • 1858- After countless delays, the push for women's rights in northern states finally reaches a boiling point
  • 1860- Southern Territory declares war on Ohio
  • 1860- The rest of the northern states declare war on the Southern Territory (Civil War)
  • April-November, 1862- While American civil war is happening, foreign powers move into position in westward territories, England in northwest, France in north central (Foreign Expansion)
  • 1864- Northern states merge into one regional province, declaring themselves the (Northern Collective)
  • April 6, 1865 (modern day)- An uneasy peace is felt by the six regions
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