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Timeline: 1983: Doomsday
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of RZA
Location of RZA
(and largest city)
Cape Town
  others Zulu, Sotho
Population ~4,000,000 
Established 2006
Currency RZA Rand (R)
Organizations League of Nations, African Economic Community

The RZA is the current provisional regime in Cape Town, South Africa, sponsored by the Australia-New Zealand Commonwealth and the South American Confederation. RZA is the actual name of the provisional government; officially the letters stand for nothing. They come from the official abbreviation of the Republic of South Africa before Doomsday. The RZA government makes no claim to be a successor state to the Republic outside the western Cape Province, so it uses only the abbreviation. It comes from Republiek Zuid-Afrika, the old name of the country in Dutch.

In 2006, a joint ANZC and SAC military force captured Cape Town to depose the horrifying warlord regime the ruled the city. The new RZA Provisional Government is set up but is merely able to secure a small region around Capetown with the support of a small joint SAC/ANZC garrison. Still, the mission was the first successful multilateral peacekeeping mission since Doomsday. Gradually, the RZA expands into the de facto lawless warlord-ruled territory.

The New Union has proved its effectiveness in the region when it convinced New Britain to withdraw from areas it had occupied in 2006.

In 2009, New Britain proposed the “African Economic Community” in an effort to unite the economies of all the states in the region, but so far only the RZA has become a member. The RZA has discussed joining the New Union, but so far this has not been possible.

International relations

The RZA is a member of the League of Nations.