Radioactive Tide was a map game where humans never went into technological dark ages, and advanced much faster. Due to this, advanced civilisations found a way to pass on their technology, and scientists that would have died before making a discovery were not. This caused humans to reach a peak of technology at around 1300 AD, but unfortunately a few centuries after humans managed to almost destroy themselves completely. Luckily, however, the earth survived, albeit a little radiated and scarred in places. Now, humans re-appear on the surface and once more begin their struggle for dominance through military, economy, politics, and technology using the rediscovered technology of times past. The lessons of the past have been forgotten, and the humans of the present need you to lead them into the future. Only time will show who is worthy of Earth.

This is the third incarnation of the great map game: Radioactive Tide. I created this because the second one failed miserably, and who doesn't love a good post-apocalyptic map game (especially after December 21, 2012)! This game pretty much uses Radioactive Tide Revised's excellent rule system, but with some minor tweaks. Our journey begins 335 years after Doomsday, or 1635 AD and begins the same old struggle for dominance. Are you worthy enough for domination?


Basic Rules

  1. BE PLAUSIBLE! But remember plausibility does not have to impede fun.
  2. Try to get new people to join the game, as it is newbs that keep map games alive.
  3. One day in real life is one half year or turn in Radioactive Tide. Mods will post new turns at 4:00 PM GMT. If a mod has not posted, you may post a new turn.
  4. Technology at the beginning of the game is about early Middle Ages level (about 500-900 AD).
  5. Keep in mind the effects of conquest, realistically portray assimilation.
  6. Expansion would be difficult, depending on the location. For example, a nation in Greenland would have a much harder time expanding then a nation in the Great Plains
  7. Only one major action per turn, you may split it though between multiple smaller actions.
  8. If no actions for 10 years (unless reason given, e.g. holiday) then the nation is open for takeover.
  9. If no actions for 30 years (unless reason, same as above) then the nation becomes a grey nation.
  10. A new map is made every five years (ten turns) by a mod titled "Mapmaker", and complaints can be made on the complaints section or on the talk page!
  11. Each player should be specific about expansion or post maps onto the map makers talk page or the map game talk page.
  12. There will be a war algorithm, and players will have to abide by it. Until then, mods will use
  13. Your economy will need to be tended to.
  14. Internal politics ARE important.
  15. Flags can only change with a mod's approval, or with a government change.
  16. Technology can be player developed or randomly re-discovered (done by mods).
  17. Every nation starts off with 350px maximum, and mods can create neutral nations.
  18. Every nation is allowed one vassal at the start (maximum 200px), and five in the whole game. However, only one new vassal can be gained every 15 years.
  19. This game will stop in year 600.
  20. Nation pages are recommended. Post them in this format: Example States of Exampleland (Radioactive Tide Reloaded)

Related Pages

National Information

History of Radioactive Tide Reloaded

Current Map

RTR338 RTR338key

Changes, Comments, and Complaints

add the new texan republic on the map Warman555

It will be added when the next map is made CourageousLife (talk) 20:58, January 11, 2013 (UTC)



  • RTR Flag of Russen Tsardom of Russen IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1Regen Flag Fegelein! Fegelein! Fegelein!
    • RTR Flag of Finne Grand Duchy of Finne - vassal of the Tsardom of Russen
  • 3021781 Deutsch Reich Andr3w777 (talk)
    • Osterriech - vassal of the Deutsch Reich
  • Ionian Federation - Airlinesguy (talk)
  • Flag of Gibraltar
    Iberian Empire - CrimsonAssassin (talk)
    • New Portugal - vassal of the Iberian Empire
  • Flag of the Ulster Nation Republic of North Ireland - Whitesight (talk)
  • The United Kingdom- Cmdrtrappitt
    • Isle of Wight - Vassal of the United Kingdom
  • Byzantine Empire -




North America

  • Flag of Cascadia Federation of Greater Cascadia - Bfoxius (talk)
  • Albemarle Flag United States of the Albemarle - CourageousLife (talk)
    • Wilmington Flag Wilmington - vassal of the United States of the Albemarle
  • Flag of California Kingdom of California - Enclavehunter
  • Flag of the Mayor of New York City Empire of New York -  Yankovic270
    • Flag of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Grand Duchy of Sylvania - vassal of the Empire of New York
  • Kingdom of the Greater Yucatan:The old baby (talk)
  • Flag of Ocean City Union of Ocean Communities - Doctor Evulz (talk) 00:48, January 6, 2013 (UTC)
  • Republic of Michigan: (DeanSims: Talk) 13:37, January 7, 2013 (UTC)
  • New Texan Republic-Warman555

South America


(Bolded names are approved)

(Temporary) Head Mod: Bfoxius (talk)

Mapmaker: CourageousLife

Mod: Yank

Mod: IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1Regen Flag Fegelein! Fegelein! Fegelein!

Mod: CrimsonAssassin (talk)

Founder: Bfoxius


Winter 335, LET THA GAMEZ BEGIN!!!

This turn is not a normal one, you use it for telling the founding of your nation, and the discovery of your vassal, or if your nation is already formed, it is a normal turn.

Be sure to check out the National Information link above. There is more to come. For now, please insert a short description of your nation in the designated area.

  • Cascadia: Many people in a small tribe known as Till'mok living in the Coast Range of Oregon head east due to an incredibly harsh winter. The elders condemn it, it is against their religion, but the tribes' religion has not been taken very seriously lately. Many people leave secretly. They discover a small trading post outside the ruins of a city they later learn was called Eugene. People there teach them the art of writing, and the history of the area. The tribe decides that it would be best to unite the area to end the wars between the many tribes. Thus, the Cascadian League is formed.
  • Kazakhi Khanate: The Khanate travels across the ancient steppes and finds a large ruined town of Astana in northern OTL Kazakhstan and Horatio Khan decides that it is finally time for the nomadic people to settle somewhere, and this is the place. Due to it being a small Khanate, the people only inhabit a fraction of the city but they explore and call this land their own.
  • In Russen, Mikhail II authorizes the eastwards venture from the border lands. Meanwhile, we begin to build up a new military, and several weapons from the Lost Times are discovered in a mine situated in northern Latvia. I want to fix Russen on the map.
    • Go ahead
  • The United States of Albemarle are created, stabilizing the government of the islands. Previous policy was for the leaders of the islands to meet and make a decision, which gave way to military intimidation, causing the most powerful state, Roanoke, to become the ruling state. A recent overthrow of Roanoke, staged by the combined forces of Ocracoke, Hatteras, Currituck-Corolla, Norfolk-Newport News, Virginia Beach, and Elizabeth City, has established a unicameral government run by two consuls and the senate, comprised of three senators from each state (Ocracoke was offered statehood shortly after the overthrow, even though it was an outside power). Wilmington was a coastal community south of Albemarle. It was offered vassalage instead of statehood due to its distance from the other states. The hub of the scientific community is based around UNC Wilmington, which is continuously trying to unlock the secrets of days past.
  • Gran Colombia:In the north, Venezuelan and Colombian populations formed a confederacy when many city-states agreed to free trade and a joint military to avoid intrusion from the tribal groups in the south, but shortly afterwards one of the city-states got stronger and forced the others to form a united nation: the great Colombian Federation. A small fleet of ten ships was set to protect the ports and a small army of 3000 men formed to defend the borders, and a scientific institution formed in the capital city of Maracaibo.
  • The Kingdom of California was formed by survivors in and around the former city of Santa Cruz. During the early years of the kingdom, the Santa Cruz Army expanded up and down the coast of Central and Southern California, stopping at the ruins of a once great city called Los Angeles and north at a bay once called San Francisco Bay. The Kingdom of California is a constitutional republic and the Palace of the Pacific was built on a cliff overlooking the Pacific Ocean in a coastal community called Malibu. The military is based out of Vandenberg Air Force Base - which retained its original name for cultural reasons, and the science community is based out of University of California, Santa Cruz.
  • I'm pretty sure a country can't be a monarchy and republic at the same time.
  • Oh, crap. I meant kingdom.
  • You may want to fix that.
  • The Ionian Federation is formed by the people on each of the Seven Ionian islands banding together into a constituent state to combat pirates and raiders. A small settlement in the ruined city of Igoumenitsa also joins. The Federation has its capital in Kerkyra, which has the most population.
  • The United Kingdom is re-formed with Southern Ireland, Scatlond, Anglind, and Wills. It is a democracy, but with a monarchy as a token gesture. They decide to keep the original names of the places, and walk to the Isle of Wight, which then surrenders and becomes a vassal. The military is regrowing, and is currently 1000 people based on the south coast. The navy is 100 primitive ships, and is massed on the east coast of Wills, and the west cost of Anglind. The science and research are based in the capital city, Nodnol.

Summer 336

  • Cascadia: Cascadia manages to absorb several more tribes into their fold. One of them, the Kulamth tells of the ruins of a "war base" to the southeast. Cascadia sends an exploring party to the southeast, hoping to use them in a possible war with the Till'mok. Meanwhile, the government is re-formed. Each tribe sends a senator to the Great Council every two years, and they elect a President, a title used for leader in the old days. Emergency meetings may be held.
  • Kingdom of California: The Kingdom of California expands southward along the Pacific Coast towards the ruins of the former city of San Diego, stopping at about the ruins of Newport Beach. Exploration and scavenging teams enter the outskirts of the former city of Santa Monica which, although within the territories of California, was not officially explored and scavenged due to raiders, nomads and cannibals. The exploration team discovers a number of abandoned boats floating in a place called Marina Del Rey and a pier expanding out into the Pacific Ocean. The boats are floated back - under supervision - to California Naval Base Point Mugu, about a half-hour journey from the ruins of Santa Monica to the base. The scavenger team also stumbles onto a large open space, with numerous metal structures laid about across the landscape, a tall building with blown out glass, smaller buildings with structural damage, and a flying-saucered shape structure. Further exploration reveals that the salvage team has arrived at the abandoned remains of Los Angeles International Airport. Due to the vast size of the airport, the scavengers return to Vandenberg to ask about further establishing an outpost within LAX, so that further scavenging of the airport and surrounding area could continue. Back within the secured borders of the Republic, research begins to reverse engineer the motors of these abandoned boats, to find out if they can be produced or restored to working condition. The Department of Resources begins to survey the land in Southern California for any signs of natural resources in the areas surrounding the RoC.
  • Russen discovers that a separate "nation" exists exactly east of it when the expeditions return. Through tangles of diplomacy (and some threats), they agree to join the Empire. It turns out they have damaged and empty firearms (muskets or something). We discover the ruins of the Kremlin in former Petrograd. A project to rebuild it starts and the Tsar and his family moves into a building close to it. In the Baltic Sea, we recover a quartet of boats. The vassal of Polski is annexed full into the nation, and the former vassal of the other nation (Pavlovskia), Finne, is recognized as a vassal of Russen.
  • The Deutsch Reich:   the German people begin to rebuild their civilization slowly around the old port city of Hamburg. The government is formed as an elected Empire, with an Emperor elected for a 20 year term, and is only elected once. The military discovers a vast amount of dis-repaired NATO ships, which are immediately ordered to be refitted and added to the Deutsch Marine, but it is expected to take a long time. The Committee for Foreign Exploration orders an expedition east in hopes of finding the ancient capitol of Berlin. Expeditions are also sent south in hopes of restoring the German city of Munchen, and West to find Paris. The military finds a small cache of weapons, including old rifles, stellenhandgranaten and old pistols. The military begins to attempt to restore and recreate these armaments. 
  • The Osterreich: the Austrian people manage to contact German expeditionary parties, the German parties use a mix of diplomacy, bribery and threats. Due to the weak nature of the Osterreich's military, Osterreich agrees to uniting with Deutschland.
  • New York: A charismatic leader manages to unite the five nations that used to be the boroughs of the great city of New York. He is crowned as the first Emperor of New York. The Empire of New York receives visitors from the neighboring nation of Sylvania. The Sylvanians had declared themselves a monarchy but had no candidates for monarch. Emperor William generously gives his younger son Henry to serve as the Grand Duke of Sylvania, thus establishing the Sylvanians as a vassal of New York. New York begins expanding southwards, and Sylvania begins expanding eastwards towards New York via the remains of the ancient road system.
    • Dude, the world ended in 1300. Ain't no "New York" there. Unless everything happened faster ATL.
    • I don't know but the description stated the world was advanced, so that is why I mentioned NATO in my post (Andr3w777 here, IDK who New York is). I may have read wrong. If so, I will rectify
    • That means that it predates the discovery of America. If a California can exist in this game then so can New York. If the cities of San Diego and Los Angeles exist in this world then so can New York. So please get off of my back.
    • None of these places should exist. HEY EVERYBODY! These New World countries aren't supposed to have these names!
    • Shut up.  No one was bitching and moaning when the rest of the American countries chose their names. If you don't just let people name their nations what they want to, this game is going to peter out just like the rest. I don't think being harped at by an asshole is a very fun gaming experience. Besides, it's a lot easier to make names based on OTL names.
    • While agreeing that none of the New World nations should have these names - mine included, it's been in the game series since the first one and no one complained about who names what. We don't even know who colonized the New World, whether the world was ruled by Natives or Europeans. All we know is that the world went to war, the war went nuclear and now we have our present situation. Please, let's stop bickering over something as simple as a name, and let's enjoy the game.
    • In the first game, the back story was that the world had the exact same things that happened to it in OTL. There was no "Dark Age" and events passed by much faster, so by 1300 the world was a highly advanced and futuristic, before they managed to destroy civilization with a war. So yes, the New World was discovered, although the story will probably be different in this game.
  • Kazakhi Khanate: The Khanate discovers an armory full of guns. In fact, enough for almost every warrior, though many are in disrepair and jamming is not uncommon, but the guns are dissected and attempts to understand how they work begin and with it, the Society of Study which begins looking into before-time weapons. With the Kazakhi Khanate now armed, Horatio Khan manages to unite many other smaller Khanates under his rule, granting recently defeated Khans their own Districts of Khanate territory (currently just Astana and surrounding countryside), also the united Khanates end up granting a population boom, and over half of Astana is now occupied. Raiding parties are sent in all directions and return with slaves, food, water, and plant seeds, allowing for cultivation. The Kazakhi Khanate expands to the southeast.
  • Kingdom of the Greater Yucatan: Expands a little south, where they discover a base full of weapons and give these out to warriors. The city they found this in is highly advanced and becomes their capital. They begin research on the times of their ancestors.
  • Federation of GC:the federation armies explore the guajira in attempts to found military vehicles, they found three small states fighting for the resources in northern Venezuelan, the three Kingdoms being falcon, Portuguesa and Merida, the Kingdom of Falcon is brought into the Federation as many of the armed forces are barely prepared to withstand the invasion of the Portuguesan and Meridan Armies trying to get a greater coast in the north. The army prepares to protect its new member and many weapons are recovered from the Northern regions, as well that the navy of ten ships begin researching to increase the Time spend of their travelling as many of the ships are unable to travel more than three days and the Government wishes to establish relations with other important nations. While in the west, Chocoan Traders arrive telling the Story of a Powerful Empire on the West coast of what once as Colombia, bringing tropical fruit and Gold. Expansion into the south begins as the nation wants to access petroleum from Norte de Santander, research is done to

re-establish the power grid.

  • The Ionian Federation expands northward from Igoumenitsa slightly. A palace begins to be built for the King and Queen of the Federation. Explorers continue to explore areas of Kerkyra, and find a naval base, which is immediately donated to the Army. The King asks various scholars to find out about the past, and are given various sacred items known as books to work with.
    • Pretty sure a country can't be a federation and a monarchy at the same time, I think you may be thinking of a feudal monarchy.
  • The United States of Albemarle expands north, looking for better fishing grounds. They expand along the Chesapeake Bay, which has bountiful resources of food. The states decide to raise a local Militia to help protect the islands from raiders. The people start scavenging for boats to be used as a ferry service in between the islands. The scientists at UNC Wilmington begin experimenting with various relics found, trying to duplicate them for use by the States.

Winter 336

  • Mod Event: A hurricane hits the east coast of North America. New York and the United States of Albemarle are hit on some coastal cities.
  • Mod Event: English and Irish survivors establish the Republic of North Ireland in the former British territory.
  • Remember to check the new National Information Page for stat updates. Starting next turn, you will get one free political point for having a flag, and two for creating a Nation Page. --Your Friendly Neighborhood Mod.
  • Cascadia: The party looking for the weapons finds an abandoned airstrip. Nearby there are some military weapons. They return to New Eugene (the capital, the camp outside Old Eugene which is inhabited by outlaws, mutants and dangerous animals). An army is formed and armed with the weapons, and they prepare to clear Old Eugene.
  • The United States of Albemarle is hit by the hurricane, but picks up and continues on like they do after all of the frequently occurring hurricanes. The southern states, which were hit the hardest, have to take time to repair for several weeks. The economy improves with the incoming resources from the Chesapeake. The States expand north along the coast of the Chesapeake.
  • The Russen expands south and north. The Finne also expands. We begin to reconstruct the firearms. We also find an old biplane, but we have no proper fuels for it. However, we begin to reverse-engineer some smaller planes of similar build, but that run on other fuels. However, we are unable to use any of these planes. We also build more boats.
  • The Kingdom of California Army launches a series of offensives against raiders in and around former downtown Los Angeles. Meanwhile, the reverse engineering of the boat motors, while a prospector in LAX discovers pistols and semi-automatic rifles in the security room of LAX, and these weapons are immediately handed over to the custody of the California Army. The weapons are sent to Point Mugu for reverse engineering and the possibility of reproducing such weapons. Reconstruction of the city of Santa Monica begins to make room for the growing population of the KoC. An large oil field is discovered in former Long Beach and the California Oil Company is established by entrepreneurs and sets up a small town around the oil field, and calls the small boom town: Oil City. The California Oil Company begins prospecting for oil, among other resources, in eastern and northern California. Upon the request of the King, factories begin to produce parts for the oil well in small numbers, as well as continuing to produce other products, such as bolt-action rifles, saddles and farming tools. Despite the discovery of oil, agriculture is still the dominant economy, and the Farmers Union is established to protect the interests of farmers from both the government and other growing businesses.
  • The Empire of New York begins the work of rebuilding from the damage caused by the Hurricane. While clearing the remains of a destroyed building workers rediscover the gold vault of the former New York Federal Reserve. The New Yorkers are able to use this gold to begin production of a new currency, the New York Dollar, with tools recovered in the former Mint facility in West Point. They also produce a set of crown jewels for the Emperor with the gold and salvaged materials. One of the most popular pieces is the Crown of Liberty, which was created from copper and iron salvaged from the collapsed remains of the Statue of Liberty. New religious cults begin arising in the Empire. One being the Cult of Libertas, who believe that the Statue of Liberty was an effigy of a goddess who guides and protects the city. The former plinth of the statue was restored as the official Temple of Libertas. The other cult is a religion that altered the ancient faith of Christianity into a polytheistic religion incorporating the Apostles as gods. The Sylvanians begin reactivating the oil wells under their control, as well as reactivating as much of the old industry as possible.
  • Can you guys please read the history I put up here and tell me what you think of it? I was hoping we could make it the official of the game.
  • I like it, I think it would work. Enclavehunter (talk) 19:21, January 1, 2013 (UTC)
  • I think it's great, and I think we should make a history page.
  • The Deutsch expand south and east toward the remains of Poland. the ships discovered last year continue to be renovated after the discover of blueprints in the ruins of the National Archive in Berlin. Austria is ordered to expand west. Exploration parties out East claim they've met a nation in what was once Russia, they plan to meet properly next year. The Government finds a collection of old maps and begins to use them to map out the new Germany and other nations. The western party finds the ruins of Paris and reports back that it appears abandoned.
  • What technology level do you think Radioactive Tide Reloaded should be set in? I said early Medieval era tech, but all past Radioactive Tide games, and other similar ones had WW-I era tech. What do you guys want and think is most realistic?
  • Interbellum. IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1Regen Flag Fegelein! Fegelein! Fegelein! 19:59, January 1, 2013 (UTC)
  • hmmm -- I say post WW-I but before WW-II.Andr3w777 (talk)
  • That is the interbellum. IMPERIAL NY-SPQR 1Regen Flag Fegelein! Fegelein! Fegelein! 02:36, January 2, 2013 (UTC)
  • I was thinking maybe the Victorian Era.
  • Kazakhi Khanate: Several other smaller Khanates are brought under the banner of Horatio Khan, granting another population boom. A Zoroastrian temple and a Buddhist temple are found in Astana, and a religion is founded that is a blend between the two. Some scavengers went to the Astana airport and found some old ruined airplanes, a man got in a small one and accidentally took off, but he managed to crash safely. Horatio Khan orders that the Society of Study begins looking into these strange things. An iron mine is found and put back into use, and weapons from a police station are added to the army. Raiding parties are sent in all directions and return with loot. The Kazakhi Khanate expands and absorbs Karagandy. Horatio Khan grants the Lower Khans different land in different locations and keeps Astana under his supreme rule.
    • These things haven't been used in 300 years. You could reverse engineer it, but it would not be going anywhere on it's own.
  • A group of armed peasants in the old area of southwestern Iran rises as a man called Shapur proclaims himself Shah of Persia early in winter. The Shah finds a map from before the Apocalypse detailing the surrounding area, as well as a few copies of three books, the Avesta and the Gathas (which belonged to a supposed Zoroastrian faith) and a copy of the Bible. Both remain separate religions, although the Shah declares them official. With the map, the Shah directs himself towards the ruined city of Shiraz.
  • Federation of GC: The army expands southwestwards as many forces want to reach the petroleum deposits in NTS, some vehicles are founded and despite a small level of success on starting them many are severely damaged. Several scientist are sent to reverse engineer the Cars and the fleet and military are built up as many of the Portuguesans and Meridans have tried to invade the nominal member of the federation the kingdom of Falcon.
  • Iberian Empire: The Republic of Gibraltar undergoes a revolution and becomes the Iberian Empire. The construction of the new administrative building is under way. Dubbed the 'Pillars of Hercules', these twin towers will house the emperor, the judges and the Senate. They are to be the tallest post-doomsday towers to date.

Summer 337

Heads Up:

We're introducing a new algorithm. Please go to the National Information Page to check it out.

Mod Event: Greeks of Constantinople officially re-establish the Byzantine Empire in the area around the capital. They plan to recover their territory in Anatolia as soon as possible. The high Greek population of this territory makes the prospects of recovery all the easier.

Constantinople would've been destroyed in crossfires, no matter who controlled it.
It's still centuries after the fact. I've read that nuclear radiation quickly drops in the years afterward. Constantinople (or its site) would be safe to repopulate decades after the bomb. In this respect, modern nuclear weapons are much more clean than Fat Man and Little Boy were.
  • Cascadia: Cascadia clears Eugene, and much of the population is moved there. Cascadia's capital is planned to move there next year, with New Eugene becoming a military base. Military continues to be given new weapons.
  • Eugene would likely be full of radiation, and I'd like to remind you that the territory you live in now was former Russian territory ATL, so try the Russian name for the city, Evgenigrad. Novevgenigrad for New Eugene.
  • Kingdom of California: Research and Development continues to reverse engineer a series of pistols, semi-automatic assault rifles, while reverse engineering of the motor from the yachts is finished, and is determined that limited production of these devices can begin next winter. The newly discovered oil field is restarted after 50% of the abandoned wells were repaired, and the remaining 50% will be repaired and restarted next winter. The raiders in Downtown Los Angeles have been destroyed and the KoC Army begins to sweep through Pasadena and the City of Industry, which by next year, will effectively given the Kingdom of California control over the entire LA Basin. The King orders the establishment of factories to employ unemployed Californians, while rebuilding of schools begins. Other unemployed Californians are put back to work by removing the ruins of Los Angeles, developing irrigation, and turn the majority of the LA Basin into farmland. The remains of the US Bank Tower, however, are ordered to be rebuilt, hoping to make it the tallest building in former North America. The King orders the drafting of a constitution, which will turn the monarchy into a republic, and keep the King as head of state, but the establishment of Prime Minister, Parliament, the Supreme Court or a unitary parliamentary democracy.
  • Empire of New York: The Empire of New York continues to rebuild the ruins of New York City. New York begins the processes of reverse engineering the weapons found in armories of the former National Guard. Until these efforts are fruitful most New Yorker soldiers are equipped with rifle muskets produced by local factories. The New Yorkers begin salvaging the ships in New York Harbor, and reverse engineering them for future use. The New Yorkers continue expanding their territory northwards into former New York, and the Sylvanians continue to expand their territory into former Pennsylvania. The Sylvanians officially reclaim the ruins of the city of Philadelphia, and begin the process of re-inhabiting it. They recover the priceless artifact known as the Liberty Bell. The building in which it is located, once known as Independence Hall, is turned into the location of the Philadelphia chapter of the Cult of Libertas. The leader of the Neo-Christian Church officially writes a new Bible to more properly fit more "modern" beliefs after he gets a vision from God. All negative references to homosexuality, feminism and racial equality are changed to encourage the practice. Homosexuality, in particular, is encouraged in neighborhoods where the male population outnumbers the female population. Many neighborhoods or "hoods" as they are more popularly known select women to rule as their Dukes, Earls and Viscounts. The Barony of Manhatta is the most prominent female noble currently ruling. It is decided that if a woman is a ruling noble and not the wife of one they do not need to adopt the feminine term for their title.
  • Russen expands inland. The ruins of Far Petrograd are found, but we stay away. Work continues on the Kremlin. We continue reverse engineering old weapons. Finne expands by far and large in all directions, meeting no hostility, people, or radioactive fallout material.
  • Kazakhi Khanate: Several more smaller Khanates are conquered, but due to the rapid population growth food is rationed. Larger raiding parties are sent out more frequently, hunting groups are sent around the steppes in small groups to bring back food, and farms are being built, mostly growing wheat, but also some oilseed and cotton. A hot air balloon is discovered mostly intact somehow,  and it is quickly figured out how it works, and is reproduced but it is dangerous, and further studies are going into them. The Society of Study manages to get a plane propeller working, as well as getting the wheels to go up and down. Handguns have been reverse engineered and a model similar to the Walter-PPK is created, but it is called the First Khan and becomes standard issue to warriors, and with their new iron, weapons very advanced (for a Khanate) are produced, and even some primitive plate mail, with arrows now iron tipped and the first crossbow is created and given to snipers. Several laws are also passed increasing rights for slaves and the blend of Zoroastrianism and Buddhism begins spreading quickly, and gets the name of Cult of Khan, after the Khan converts. The Khanate spreads north into Makinsk.
  • The United Kingdom: Starts to increase military production after several black prints for gnus are found. The military increases to 5000 all armed with gnus. Moves all military to a new base on the Isle of Wight nad stations the navy, now at 350 ships of the south coast of Anglind.
  • This is your first turn, so you have no army and no navy. You are a small community that is just trying to organize. You will need to wait until next turn, and you need to dial down your numbers.
  • You obviously haven't looked at winter 335. Please undo it.
  • That one is also implausible. Your numbers are too high for a newly formed country. And I do recall that all of the nations signed up by the end of the first turn, I put on the map personally.
  • The Ionian Federation expands from Igoumenitsa slightly, and continues to clear up Igoumenitsa to make it more habitable. More guns and ships are found at the naval base in Kerkyra, and upon hearing about the new Byzantine Empire, diplomats are sent to obtain possible diplomatic relations. 
  • The German Empire begins to expand aggressively, attempting to conquer the German speaking lands nearby. Due to common language and religion, it is not expected to be difficult. A temple to Thor is created in Hamburg, as people begin to rediscover the Old Gods.
  • Iberian Empire: The Emperor purges all records of his true name. He is commonly referred to as Emperor Iberius. Meanwhile, the Iberian Empire's military expands.
    • New Portugal: The Royal Portuguese Navy is established.
  • The United States of the Albemarle expand north into better fishing grounds. In Norfolk, several abandoned vehicles are found in relatively good condition inside the Norfolk Naval Base. The scavengers also find firearms, which legend tells spit death from their mouths. They are taken back to UNC Wilmington to be studied and replicated.
  • You can't just invade our territory and take guns! The United Kingdom - Cmdrtrappitt
  • The last time I checked, the United Kingdom was in the United Kingdom, and the United States was in the United States. Calm yourself.
  • Norfolk is a low-lying county in the East of England. It has borders with Lincolnshire to the west, Cambridgeshire to the west and southwest and Suffolk to the south. 
  • Norfolk is also a town in Virginia, Cptn. GeographyDaxus Inferno (talk) 23:08, January 3, 2013 (UTC)
  • Sorry, I know absolutely nothing about American geography.
  • Ain't that the truth.
  • Kingdom of the Greater Yucatan: Work on a navy begins. sends a few men with weapons, food and trading goods into the Caribbean. Work on firearms begins, and expeditioners expand the country farther west.

​Winter 337

If you do anything in your post that affects the four stats on the National information page or effects the size of your country, please underline it like so:

  • New York: New York begins the production of a reverse engineered bolt action rifle for their soldiers, as well as a revolver sidearm based off of examples salvaged from Pre War gun shops. The New Yorkers have built a few small combination motor/sail boats to serve as scouts, trading vessels and fishing boats. The Sylvanians continue expanding their territory through the former states of Pennsylvania and New Jersey, and the New Yorkers continue expanding through the state of the same name. The New Yorkers officially reopen Columbia University, and the Sylvanians reopen the University of Pennsylvania and Princeton.
  • Kazakhi Khanate:  A reproduction of the bolt-action Mauser-98 is created called the Deatheye. A copper mine is found,  and a quarry is built, allowing the Kazakhi Khanate to build more than straw and wicker huts. Horatio Khan decides to organize the army more, from every soldier owning their own weapons save for the First Khan, and with no ranks besides warrior, Lower Khan, and Khan to a regimental system that is split up into large parties of several hundred, and all warriors are giving their choice of an iron weapon, and are given copper badges that show their party, regiment, and Lower Khan. A clever fletcher sees an old revolver pistol and creates a revolver crossbow. Hot air balloons become more common and now come with bags of air on the side in case of a landing in a lake. An old steam engine is found in a mueseum and reverse engineering begins, and an old coal mine is found. The Kazakhi Khanate expands to Lake Tengiz and a handful of small Khanates are brought under Horatio Khan's banner. Another Khanate is found to have settled into a city in Balqash which alarms Horatio Khan.
    • What era is this rifle from?
    • Late 19th century through WW-II.
    • Please choose a gun from an earlier era, prior to 1800.
  • Iberian Empire: The Iberian Empire expands along the southwest Iberian coast. Seville is rediscovered. Among the ruins, the secrets to rifling is discovered. By the end of the year, the bayonet is rediscovered.
    • New Portugal: New Portugal expands its navy heavily. The technology for carracks is rediscovered.
  • The Ionian Federation continues to reverse engineer some guns found at the naval base of Kerkyra, now destroyed. Small raiding parties are sent outside the Ionian Federation's borders, however no other nations were found. 
  • The United Kingdom: Starts to increase military production after several black prints for gnus are found. The military now increases to 5000 all with gnus. Moves all military to a new base on the Isle of Wight and stations the navy, now at 350 ships off the south coast of Anglind. (Happy now?) Meanwhile, an unexploded nuclear bomb is found, and detonates, oddly only around the borders of The United Kingdom. The United Kingdom is defeated.
    • Can you spell "gun"?
    • Do you know how many 350 ships are? IT would take the US 39 years to make that many.
    • Wooden ships. About the gnus, hmm, let's see - damaged records, no word of mouth, they think that is what it is called.
    • What are you talking about?
    • You still need to go through a reverse engineering phase before you can produce.
    • Makes no difference, I have been destroyed, besides, with my great-grandad in hospital with only a couple days left, what does this matter.
    • What? Gnus, United Kingdom, damaged records, word of mouth, whaaat?
  • Federation of GC: The Federation leadership receives a message from the Meridan Kingdom, who asks to join the Federation as a Vassal member of the Federation, Building of infrastructure begins through the federation as the three major Republics become highly populated, expansion southwards begin, and Recovery of oil extraction technology begins in the Northern tip of the peninsula of Guajira, as well as the reverse engineering of Several rifles and cars to redevelop them.
  • Kingdom of California: A discovered oil refinery is restarted, but after a series of malfunctions and repairs, is operational, and can refine oil and produce gasoline in limited numbers. Due to the refining of oil, production of wooden boats with motors mounted on the back begins, which also occurs in limited numbers. These new boats allows for fisherman to go out farther distances, and scavenger teams to go farther without the need to stop for rest. Scavengers in and around San Diego discover an abandoned military base along the coast and establish outposts from Newport Beach down to San Diego. The government re-formed from last summer occurs peacefully and full transfer of powers is transferred over from the king to parliament and forms a unitary parliamentary democracy. The Kingdom of California is divided into districts, each represented by two members of parliament (MP)'s, and the Constitution of California passed by the new Parliament, which is based off the former US Constitution. Reverse engineering of the discovered handguns and semi-automatic rifles continue, while work begins on forming a power grid across California. Rebuilding of schools and the infrastructure continues, while reconstruction on the US Bank Tower continues, and will be reopened as the California Tower. The LA Basin is expected to be completely clear of raiders by next summer and removal of debris is expected to finish by summer of 345.
  • I thought we were supposed to be at the equivalent of Middle Ages technology.
  • I thought it was Interbellum Period or WW-I tech.
  • For now, it will be pre-civil war technology. You can have limited and basic firearms, but not anything past 1800 until you complete your firearms research.
  • Russen completes the first firearm it had been working on since 307. We now have muskets and revolvers, and we are working on Springfields and cars. Meanwhile, we build some more boats and we begin plans to build a small "navy" which will just be a few boats with some guys shooting guns on them. Meanwhile, we expand north and south and annex Finne. Government is reorganized. The Tsar is still the Tsar, but we are now modeled after the Roman Republic (but with a monarch).
  • The Union of Ocean Communities is established out of what was once Ocean City on the Delmarva Peninsula. Led by the OC Council, a small oligarchy filled with representatives of each member community, the UOC comes across the United States of Albemarle and become optimistic at the thought of cooperation between the two nations.
  • Kingdom of the Greater Yucatan: A small group of ships land in a city of the ancestors on the island of Cuba, once called Havana. There they discover heaps of items, including weapons. The practice of the honoring of the sun god resurfaces.Six shot revolvers are created, and are handed out to most soldiers. A few hundred men are armed with repeating rifles they found at a military base they find. A large naval base a few miles away from the city is discovered, and they learn about oil.
  • The United States of the Albemarle encounters another nation on what was once the Delmarva Peninsula. They are greeted with caution, and an ambassador is dispatched to begin diplomacy. Meanwhile, research on motors and firearms continues.

Summer 338

  • New York: The New Yorkers continue their expansion into former New York. The New Baronies of Katski and Alban are established in newly gained territory. The Sylvanians continue expanding their territory through the former states of Pennsylvania snd New Jersey. The New Yorkers continue production of their new weapons and ammunition for those weapons. The New Yorkers and Sylanians continue rebuilding at repopulating the ancient cities in their territory. Surviving Old World skyscrapers are rebuilt and reinforced by the remains of those ruined by time and the Doomsday War.
  • The Ionian Federation expands its lands slightly towards the south. The army and navy are also slightly expanded.
  • Kazakhi Khanate: A Lower Khan dies with no heir, so Horatio Khan implements an elective system to fix the problem. If a Lower Khan dies with no heir anyone besides other Lower Khans and the Khan can become elected in his place. The election consists of a fight to the death, several games of physical strength and wit, and the final winners will be voted on and their lineage will take the place of the previous Lower Khan. Should a Khan die only Lower Khans may run for his place, and women are now allowed to be elected, vote and inherit, but are expected to be as strong as a male in her place. Steam engine reverse engineering is almost finished, and reverse engineering of plane engines are finished, but they are far weaker than before-time ones,<strike> and they are implemented onto Zeppelins and hot air balloons to power fans. Hot air balloons or "Sky Horses" are used for hunting birds, animals and fish alike, and Horatio Khan begins using them for transportation. Before-times planes are repaired and used for long range scouting missions, though Khanate engineers say reproducing them will be near-impossible at the moment. Several small Khanates are conquered, the Aetherius Cabal declares apples holy, and a large apple orchard is being created on Horatio Khan's order. War is declared on the small settled Khanate in Balqash. A more effective form of plate armor is created, and bronze and copper art becomes very popular.
    • He died with no hair?
    • Well, it's nice to know he was bald ;)
    • It says "heir"
    • The reverse engineering will be reflected on the National Information page. You aren't even done with engines yet, so you are nowhere close to airplanes. Fans are pushing it.
    • Why does it say on the national information page I have 0% of engineering engines done? I have been reverse engineering plane engines for years!
    • The way the their system works, you have to acquire other technologies before this one. In this case, you have to research engines, then military vehicles. Then you are allowed to research planes. I apologize for not stating it more directly. I'll post detailed instructions later. Basically, in the row, there is a required technology that needs to be 100% complete to begin researching that technology.
    • Very well.
  • 'Republic of Michigan (centered in Lansing): 'The republic is formed when several groups of people in Lansing and the surrounding areas unite and conquer the rest of Lansing. Industry buildup begins. Abortion is made illegal while soft drugs such as Marijuana are made legal for those over 21.
    • Dean, this is your first turn, so it needs to cover how your nation formed, culture and other such matters. This should be saved for a later turn.
    • Thank you, I appreciate it.
  • The Deutsch continue to grow to claim all the areas of the former German Empire. Research into weapons like rifles and the old lugers are still being researched. The explorers make contact with Russen.
    • You can claim the area, but it will not be reflected on the map and will not be guaranteed that it is yours. You can only expand so much per turn.
    • Yes, this is my claim, but is more a reflection of my goals vs actually owning them yet, I'm expanding within reason. I am merely stating my goals.
    • Okay, good.
  • Kingdom of the Greater Yucatan: Begins to colonize the rest of Cuba. Researches and starts developing the steam engine. Repeating Rifles continue to be made.
  • Kingdom of California: Reverse engineering into firearms continues, while research into engines continue, particularly for vehicles and boats. The former US Bank Tower continues to rebuilt, while cleansing of the LA Basin continues. Expansion of the power grid continues, but particularly around the capital. Oil drilling continues, but still in small numbers, as many of the wells are nonfunctional.
  • The UOC embraces the Albemarle ambassador and sends one of their own. Research into engines begin. Economic production is increased. Meanwhile, several hundred citizens are sent north along the Atlantic coast.  The OC Council orders the construction of an Embassy District, to house the Albermarle diplomats as well as any future ones.
  • Russen does things. We build up our military. We expand. We build new boats. We continue to work on the new Kremlin. We continue to work on moving carriages. We sent a small "fleet" across the Baltic into Sweden. We annex several survivor communities along the coast who are desperate.
  • Federation of GC: The Empire of Cartagena joins the federation as an observer member, as they face conflicts with the Kingdom of Antioquia as they claim the south of the borders from them. Military is built up and expansion into Norte de Santander begins. While this, an airplane hangerbay is found, and the scientists are sent to reverse engineer them.
    • Read the Kazakhi post above. You can't directly reverse engineer planes.
  • The United States of the Albemarle begins diplomatic relations with the UOC. The States expand north along the coast. Research on firearms and engines continues. Research on the steam engine begins.

Winter 338

  • The Ionian Federation decides to expand its economy slightly. The economy is spurred on, creating more area for technology, leading to small technological investments.
  • Kazakhi Khanate: Chariots beging to be utilized in the militray and travel. An old recipe for concrete is found in a library, a currency system using copper, bronze and iron coins is made. To Horatio Khan's and the entire Khanate's surprise a woman manages to take the place of the deceased Lower Khan, and women are giving equal rights at the show that women can do the same as men. The army tries to invade Balqash but the small Khanate has very powerful defences, but a plan is made and a small Zeppelin/large hot air balloon drops soldiers behind enemy lines and manages to sabotage defences enough that the army could breach and take over the city, and Balqash is annexed as an outpost, but there is a gap between Kazakhi land and Balqash. Zeppelins and hot air balloons are used as troop transports and the largest Zeppelin the K.S.S Cloud Touch (Kazakhi Sky Ship) is sent on an expedition to map the areas to the east. Reverse engineering the steam engine continues, firearm engineering begin, and a primitive sniper rifle is created (basically Deatheye with a longer barrel) called Eagle is made. A legion called the Sun Guard are created, taking the best soldiers of each army to a personal army commanded by the Khan.
  • Kingdom of the Greater Yucatan: In a library, they learn about assembly lines. Using this tactic increases rifle production. Ships from Cuba go south, and discover a nation known there as the Federation of Grand Colombia, who our asked for a trade agreement. Colonization in Cuba continues.
  • New York: The New Yorkers and Sylvanians continue expanding their territory in their respective states. The New Yorkers begin the processes of rebuilding the electrical grid. For now only the nobility has electricity. The top floors of most surviving skyscraper are turned into the palaces of New York's nobility. Garments based on ironically casual Old World clothes become the rage for the elite.
  • The United States of the Albemarle continues expanding north into better fishing territory. The economy is upgraded due to all of the sea produce coming in. Research continues on steam engines and mechanical engines, as well as firearms. Wilmington expands south to examine better preserved technology.
  • Iberian Empire: The Pillars of Hercules are constructed. The Pillars house the central government of the empire. They are the tallest towers constructed after Doomsday yet. A celebration goes underway. Meanwhile, the empire expands its military. Meanwhile, research into better firearms goes underway.
  • New Portugal: The nation expands its navy as researchers discover more and more ships. Rough plans for an ironclad are drawn up and will be reviewed soon.

Summer 339

  • Republic of Michigan: Expansion begins to the west toward Lake Michigan. Expulsion of blacks from the Republic begins while Asians, Whites, Native Americans, Indians, and all other non-black reaces are guaranteed citizenship. The ghettos begin reconstruction and most are knocked down, as the Michigan President states "why not start fresh?".
  • Iberian Empire: The empire expands along the eastern Iberian coast. Excavation of old Madrid gets underway, uncovering ways to build more advanced firearms. The Madrid Excavation Society is founded.
  • New Portugal: The navy of New Portugal is expanded. The plans for ironclads are reviewed and approved. Construction of a prototype goes underway.
  • New Texan Republic: The New Texan Republic is formed after raiders attacked a small settlement in inner Houston called 39th Street. The inhabitants repelled the attack and banned together to form the New Texan Republic. Within one month they expanded to the Houston outskirts where they have farms to feed their people.
    • I hope this is a joke making fun of Texans.
    • I'm not sure, but I laughed regardless.
  • The UOC continues research on the engine, as a request is made to Albemarle to share blueprints for firearms. Exploration across the Delaware Bay begins and settlements are established along the coast. Increased fishing leads to economic growth. The military is expanded to protect the settlers. Towards the beginning of fall, a trade agreement with Albemarle is requested.
  • Kazakhi Khanate: All soldiers of the Sun Guard are given bronze armor and weapons, the currency changes to only copper coins with symbols to represent their worth, and the military badges are now being created in bronze. Currently, bronze in the Khanate had been scavenged, but a tin mine opens up and bronze is being produced by the Khanate. An old oil rig is found and engineers are sent to investigate, and a small apple orchard is found in the surrounding area of Balqash and is used. The K.S.S. Cloud Toucher gets a little past Ulaan Bataar before turning back, and then is sent to the west for another mapping expedition, this time with a smaller ship called the K.S.S. Ground Shield. The Society of Study splinters into many different Guilds, Reverse engineering of steam engines and firearms continues. More land is colonized to try to bridge the gap between Kazakhi Khanate proper and Balqash. Concrete is produced and is being used to repair M36 between Atana and Karagandy.
  • New York: The New Yorkers and Sylvanians continue to expand their territory into their respective states. The New Yorkers continue repairing the Old World electrical grid, and electricity becomes more common. A text on motion pictures is discovered, and a primitive film studio is soon founded. It is hoped to make the motion picture theatres centers of community culture with newsreels, film serials and even live performances taking place alongside feature films.
  • The United States of the Albemarle continues expanding into better fishing territory. Research continues on steam engines and mechanical engines, as well as firearms. Wilmington expands south.

Winter 339

  • New York: The New Yorkers and Sylvanians continue expanding in their respective states. The New Yorkers discover a small quantity of assault rifles and begin the processes of reverse engineering. The Sylvanians discover a survivor community in the remains of Atlantic City, which they quickly annex into Sylvania. The community quickly gains a reputation as a city of sin even greater than the legendary city of Las Vegas.
  • The Ionian Federation increases political stability slightly by introducing a food security program. To support the program, the economy is expanded slightly.
  • Kazakhi Khanate: The K.S.S Cloud Toucher gets as far west as Samara before turning back, with maps anew before being sent south. The Khanate expands to try to fill the gap between Kazakhi Khanate proper and Balqash. Reverse engineering of steam engines and firearms continues. Horatio Khan established the Oturum, ("Forum" in Turkish, similar to OTL House of Worship) where everyone is welcome to discuss anything civilly, from what color is the best to physics to religion. The economy expands slightly. Marijuana farms begin to spring up, a crime spike happens and Lower Khan's militaries are used as a police force, with the Sun Guard in Astana. The Sun Guard undergoes exstensive training. The Guild of Archeology sends a few dozen people to explore a power plant.

Summer 340

  • Kazakhi Khanate: The K.S.S. Cloud Toucher  and K.S.S. Ground Shield go through Pakistan and reach the Himalayas which are seen as holy, and more expeditions are sent to these apparently holy land formations. Meanwhile the Cloud Toucher and Ground Shield head northward with a smaller entourage of five other ships. The Guild of Archeology discovers the purpose of the powerplant and the Guild of Reformation manages to get it working to supply enough electricity to those fortunate enough to still have a working link, but an extensive program is launched to re-establish electricity to Astana. Several more smaller Khanates are united and a school system with mandatory grades 1-4 and optional 5-7. The economy grows ever so slightly. Reverse engineering of steam engines and firearms continues. More expansion is undergone to connect the two parts of the Kazakhi Khanate.
  • Republic of Lansing: Most of the western Lansing border reaches Lake Michigan and the country is renamed the Republic of Michigan. Plans are found in a bunker for a weapon called the AK-47, and production begins of these new weapons.
  • Russen expands in all directions. We finish the Kremlin. We develop a small new car. Oil reserves are discovered. We build more boats. We annex some survivor states around us.

Winter 340

New Texan Republic: begins an all out war against raiders in Texas. Within winter our troops were slowed but not stopped. We annexed 21 miles east of Houston.

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