Alternative History
Rainer Candidus Barzel
Timeline: Cold Phoney War

Chancellor of Germany
1986 – 1987

Predecessor Frank Topf
Successor Helmut Kohl
Born June 20, 1924
Political Party Christian-Democratic CDU/CSU

Rainer Candidus Barzel (born June 20, 1924) is a German Politician. He served as temporary Chancellor from March 22nd 1986 until the first democratic elections of Germany in 1987.

Barzel was expelled from the National-Socialist NSDAP party in 1979, after openly supporting the Frei Deutschland Armee (FDA), a then peaceful group for a democratic Germany, later one of the parties in the German Civil War.

Barzel was one of the founding fathers of the Christian-Democratic CDU/CSU, in secret, in 1984.

On March 7, 1986, the governors of Bavaria, Lower Saxony, Netherlands and Prussia sign a declaration banning the National-Socialist Party and declaring the end of the Third Reich. The declaration is adopted by separatist leaders in Poland, Denmark and Ukraine.

On March 21, 1986, the last Führer of the Third Reich, Frank Topf, resigns.

On March 22, 1986, Rainer Barzel is elected by governors of the länder of Germany to become acting Chancellor until new elections could appoint a new parliament.

62 years old Rainier Barzel decided not to run for Chancellorship in 1987. He was succeeded by co-CDU/CSU Helmut Kohl.

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