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Randy Numbulwar
Timeline: Great White South

Randy Numbulwar
Portrait of

15th Chief Minister of New Vestfold
1966 – 1972

Predecessor Natalie Sidebottom
Successor James Earle

13th Mayor of Danagal
1946 – 1958

61st Antarctic Tuzelmann Award Laureate
-1971 –

Predecessor Jasper Smith
Successor Quaor Nugmar
Born 28th August, 1905
Danagal, New Vestfold
Died January 26th, 1972 (age 67)
Mertz Valley, New Vestfold
Spouse Elizabeth Numbulwar
Political Party Equality Party
Profession Politician

Randy Numbulwar (28th of August, 1905 - 26th of January, 1972) was the 15th Chief Minister of Australia and first Australian Aboriginal to hold the position. Numbulwar was always a high profiled politician, gaining recognition from being elected as mayor of Danagal and as being the founder of the Equality Party. During his time as Chief Minister, Numbulwar was openly opposed the Vietnam War, improved life for Aborigines, an influx of immigration and and proposing equality throughout the territory. In 1972, he became the only Chief Minister to be assassinated. Numbulwar was very popular in opinion polls and is considered a great influence across Australia

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