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The Rat was a sign of fear in Medival Europe, known for its dirty, disgusting ways, showing kingdoms Europe actually how nasty they were. But worst of all, they carried the Black Death. The disease killed 200 million people, as it spread throughout Europe for centuries. Gladly, over time the disease stopped. But, what if the disease was much worse? Welcome to Black Death, where Medieval Europe as we know it ceases to exist, and where the rat is feared.


The POD is that on January 7th 1349, a Black Death pathegon in Pisa was splitting where something had gone terribly wrong. The cell mutated, ands now was able to infect the heart of its host, spreading up the morality rate. The disease, spreading harmlessly throughout rats, was able to kill a human within 40 hours of infection. The disease broke out in the Middle East and Europe, just like OTL, killed even more people than OTL. Almost 800 million people died over the span of 5 years, leaving Europe, North Africa, and Arabia almost lifeless deserts.


  • All European nations in France, HRE, British Isles, and Italy collapse.
  • By 1500, most of Lifeless Europe is colonized by the Arab World.
  • Islam becomes the most worshiped religion in the world.
  • Eastern Asia and The Arab World become the world's leading powers.
  • China and Japan have minor colonies on the coast of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Tribes in the Americas remain, with the trade of Chinese and Japanese technologies throughout the New World.


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