Alternative History


Moor's hold on Spain

Long ago, Spain had been ruled by the Visigoths. However, the Moors arrived, most of them were conquered, but they were defeated by the Franks in the Battle of Tours, and their empire extended no further. King Alfonso, lord of Leon and Castile, wanted to take over the Moors and kick them out of Europe. A famous general, named Rodrigo Diaz, also known as El Cid Campeador, was hired to get rid of the Moors.

The Battle of Toledo

One of the many Spanish cities the Moors captured was Toledo. However, there was a full riot that Alfonso wanted to stop. El Cid led an army of 75 thousand soldiers. His clever plan on surrounding the city by the army starve the Moors. Soon, Toledo was under Spanish control again. Alfonso was jealous of him and banished him off out of his kingdom.

The Siege of El Salvador

Fame has its drawbacks. King Alfonso had wanted to get rid of Rodrigo, the most-ever-popular-and-famous then him. The Cid later found a Moor who met him, named Motamid. Motamid had a city called Zaragoza. The Cid went in his city, Motamid also told him about Count Bergeneuer, who also wanted to conquer the Moors, and King Alfonso. Motamid's and Rodrigo's Army marched to his city. After a year of fighting, the Spanish surrendered.

The Siege of  Valencia

Motamid was his best friend, but his lord, Yursuf of the Moors, took him to the Sahara Desert to live her forever. The Cid later escaped, and found Spaniard and Moorish soldiers to join him. More and more followed, and soon, the Cid had an army of 80 thousand soldiers. The Cid later found a city called Valencia, where he became emperor of all of Spain. He chose Valencia his capital, a rich and wonderful paradise, but the lord Yursuf and his Moors tried to regain the city, but the Moors lost. Both Yursuf and the Cid were killed in battle. It was over.