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Red, White, and Red is a Timelime that explores what would happen if Eugene V. Debs had won the 1912 Election for the presidency of the United States. A socialist America isn't out of reach when the Constitution is distorted and Communism rises in Eastern Europe.

Can Socialism, Communism, and Capitalism all share the same world, or is somebody going to lose in this Cold War?

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There is a single Point of Divergence that distinguishes the world of Red, White, and Red (the ATL) from the current, real world (the OTL). This Point of Divergence takes place on July 29, 1894.

June 29, 1894

On the morning of June 29, 1894, a 39-year old union organizer managed to convince the world's most powerful union boss, Samuel Gompers to come to Blue Island, Illinois in order to help him plan and carry out the Pullman Strike. The man's name was Eugene V. Debs, and he would go on to be the first Socialist President of the United States.

As Debs met with the powerful Samuel Gompers of the AFL, Debs convinced Gompers and convinces him to support the strike, giving a huge morale boost to the protesters. With the ARU and AFL both on the same side of the Pullman Strike, it is supported very broadly and Debs is forced to be more moderate in order to work with Gompers, who is co-organizing the strike.

Immediate Results

Instead of the protesters becoming violent, the US government under Cleveland practically declares war on the strikers. After 200+ deaths of rail workers, the strike is broken, and Cleveland attempts to prosecute Gompers and Debs.

At this time, Debs and Gompers both mingle political theory, and Deb's ideas tend to prevail, and both men grow to espouse the same beliefs. Debs and Gompers are both sentenced to six months in prison, and both men, not just Debs, read Marx's Communist Manifesto.

After getting out, both are relatively socialist, but still manage to maintain their unions. Since the ARU had less leadership and fell apart, Debs began dabbling with the IWW earlier on. During In re Debs, the Supreme Court issues a split decision, further raising support for his later career in politics.

Less Direct Results

To see the results that can be traced directly back to the POD, see this page.

Live News


The AP is the prominent, government-owned, news provider of the People's Republic of America. It is widely read throughout the nations of the Montreal Pact.


Pravda is the state-owned new provider of the Soviet Union. Being the official voice of Soviet Communism, it is widely read throughout the nations of the Warsaw Pact.


The BBC is the main news service of the island of Albion. It was created after the monarchy was overthrown and the nations of Albion need a news service.


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As the timeline grows further along, a page will be made dedicated to describing the major differences between our timeline (OTL) and the alternate timeline (ATL). For now, however, we will list the major changes here.

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