What if Russia turns communist again during the 90s and invades Alaska later?

Short timeline

1994: Both Koreas went to a war with each other when USA bombed NK's nuclear facilities. Point of divergence.

1995: China intervenes in the war, causing South Korea to lose badly. A massive economic depression soon follows.

1996: The whole Korea is reunified under the DPRK government. Russian communist politician Gennady Zyuganov won the presidential election. Third Taiwan strait crisis devolved into a war.

1998: US President Bill Clinton is impeached and ousted.

2000: Zyuganov's Russia absorbs Belarus.

2001: Al-Qaeda attacks USA.

2004: Ukraine is annexed by Russia after a short revolution.

2005: Puerto Rico is separated from USA.

2007: Russia sends Mir-2 space station into orbit.

2008: USA sent up the Freedom space station.

2009: Another economic depression hits the world.

2011: Russia distracted their citizen's from their problems and send in Spetsnaz troops into Alaska.

2012: Alaska is annexed into Russia.

2014: Zyuganov is assassinated. Second Russian civil war soon follow.

2016: Alaska is liberated from Russian yoke.

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