Alternative History

This Pod is an Earlier and more Successful Communist Revolution in China.


  • February 6, The Great depression hits all of China, its GPD dropped 61 percent and its Economy becomes less then half of what it was.
  • February 7, People in China start to panic and do what they can to survive the crisis.
  • February 8, The Peoples Republic of China Organization (P.R.C) or the Communist Party of China (C.P.C) is Re-formed by Zhu De and starts a bloody civil war with the struggling Republic.
  • February 12, First real battle is fought in a small village called Nancunzhen, the P.L.A (Peoples Liberation Army) lost the battle against the R.C.A (Republ. of China Army) but the R.C.A lost more men then anticipated. Losses: R.C.A lost 8,200 with 2,024 missing or wounded, P.L.C lost 5,340 with 1,321 missing or wounded.
  • February 24, Workers in Wuxi, a city near Shanghai, gather in the center of the town and revolt, but R.C.A troops open fire on the crowd, the crowd angrily counter-attacks but soon are forced away by gunfire and they run, the civilians got 700 of there own killed and 4,012 missing or wounded.
  • March 3, Small amount of support is sent to both sides from the U.S.S.R and the U.S.A . R.C.A starts the siege of Suzhou and loses the battle of Huaiyuan due to poor use of tactics.
  • March 16, The 12th Battalion of the R.C.A forces heading to help with the siege of Suzhou, are ambushed at Yixing by the 6th Liberation Army. They once again win but are forced to fall back due to heavy losses. Losses: R.C.A lost 18,126 with 8,014 missing or wounded. P.L.A lost 11,732 with 4,234 missing or wounded.
  • March 17, besides the siege of Suzhou, no real battle would be fought until September.
  • September 3, the 2nd Battalion of the Reserve group 2, fails. The siege of Suzhou fails, but it is able to stop a small force moving towards Shanghai. Losses: The 2nd Battalion lost 14,926 with 15,264 missing or wounded (during the whole campaign). The 4th Liberation Army (stationed at Suzhou) lost 9,643, with 11,347 wounded or missing and over 6,000 civilians dead.
  • September 17, Siege of Shanghai begins. Airplane Warfare is now being used in any way it can by both sides (U.S. and U.S.S.R. are sending support, remember?) and the first major air battle is fought over Ulanhad resulting in victory for the newly-made Peoples Liberation Air force of China (P.L.A.C) and defeat to the Republic Air force of China (R.A.C).