Amador Bueno

In 1640, John IV of Portugal was crowned, marking the restoration of the independence of Portugal. The population of San Paulo, still in 1640, acclaimed Amador Bueno as the new king of San Paulo, but he declined the offer and swore allegiance to the new king. But what if Amador Bueno accepted the offer and became the King of San Paulo?

Coronation and War

On January 4th 1641, Amador Bueno is crowned Amador I, to a shower of applause by the inhabitants of San Paulo. The portion of Portuguese soldiers against independence were pursued by militants while several joined in supporting the new King.

The Kingdom of Portugal does not hesitate, and declares war against King Amador I. Amador Bueno declares war against the Portuguese, starting the Independence War. At the end of the war, the acquisition of the Kingdom of San Paulo was the captaincy of San Pedro do Rio Grande.

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Brazilian Northeast Coast.

  • ?: The Borborema Plateau doesn't exist, allowing damp masses originating from the Atlantic Ocean to pass into the dry backlands, giving favourable conditions to life.
  • 1654: Portugal and the Netherlands reach an agreement: The Netherlands maintains their colonies on the Brazilian northeast, but in exchange, Portugal annexes the Essequibo region.
  • 1819: Francisco de Paula Bourbon split with the Spanish government, and with San Martín, releases Argentina from the Spanish government. Francisco is crowned the first King of La Plata.
  • 1822: Peter I of Essequibo declares independence of Essequibo, fighting the Kingdom of Portugal. (Similar to OTL Brazil).

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