Coalition of Gévaudan
Regroupement des Gévaudan
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: Lozère
RoG Flag Blason province fr Gevaudan
Flag Coat of Arms

Uni Nous Tenons
("United We Stand")

Anthem "Ca Ira"
Capital Mende
Largest city Mende
Other cities Florac, Javols
  others English
  others Protestantism
Demonym French
Government Democratic Republic
Area 5,167 km²
Population 50,000 
Established 1990

The Regroupement des Gévaudan is one of many survivor states in France, and was formed in 1990 to combat the Bandits forming the area


Post Doomsday

After the Doomsday, when France fell, many of the people in the area, fled into the Countryside, fearful that the cities and towns might be targeted by nuclear missiles. With all the chaos, it was inevitable that some would turn to crime. Many of those in the region that turned to crime grouped together, into roving bands of Bandits, not stopped by the former police force, indeed, many of the bandits were the former police force.


After three or four villages had been raided, the Mayor of Mende approached the other villages and towns, and asked them to from a defensive pact. After having done so, over the oncoming years, the villages and towns grew closer, until eventually, they from the Coalition of Gévaudan, or 'Regroupement des Gévaudan. This was officially formed in 1990

The Florac Incident

A group of Brigands, hundreds strong, attacked Florac. Although casualties were high for the brigands, it was clear who would win. That is, until the rest of the Coalition came to Florac's aid. Within minutes, hundreds of the brigands lay dead, and the rest surrendered, surrounded by armed villagers as they were. The Council of the Coalition then founded a militia, so that they could fight of future attacks with greater ease. This is widely considered the first military operation, and, is also believed to be the first conflict with the huge band of bandits under the self styled 'bandit king'. This occurred in 1993.

Operation: Realm

Operation Realm was the first time the Coalition used its militias to attack. A small Bandit settlement was discovered in a forest, and the militia, poorly trained back then, was sent to attack it, in 'Defense of the Realm'. The poorly trained Militiamen took heavy casualties, but defeated the Bandits. This was the first conflict of 'Operation Realm', and it was already apparent that the training given to the Militia was not nearly enough. Training began properly, and after 3 months, in 1995, the Militias were better trained. Operation Realm continued for the next 6 years, with the Militias tackling larger and large Bandit Settlements. Eventually, a settlement of around 900 bandits was located, in a valley between to mountains. The Militia surrouned the camp, and fired into it during the night. In the morning, the Bandits surrendered. The Bandit in charge told them he was a General of the Bandit King, Enzo Dubois. As a continuation of Operation Realm, the Militia launched an assault on the Main Camp of the Bandits, but were thrown back. It was becoming clear, that the improved training was still not enough to change people into soldiers, if they spent most of their time as a civilian.

The Javols Incident

In 1999, the RPR was voted in, and a corrupt incompetent was given rule of Javols. He raised taxes in the town by 300%, and the town refused to pay. Annoyed, he appealed to the rest of the Council to grant him some troops. They declined, so he sent the Javols Militia, stationed in the National Park, hunting for Bandits (this was the height of Operation: Realm), to impose martial law on the town. Instead, they joined the townsfolk, and constructed a barricade. When the rest of the council discovered this, the incompetent was sacked, and the situation defused.


When the RPR was voted in, in 2001, they appointed 'Raphaël Moreau' as the new Minister of the Military. He reportedly took one look at the current format, and said 'Non. Cela ne fera jamais', or in english 'No. That will never do'. He authorized the complete overhaul of the Militia system, instead creating a true army, and set the training at 6 months, and gave it the rank system they have today; Private, NCO, Lietenant, Major and General. Majors and Generals count as 'Higher Ranking officers', and all Snipers are given an automatic promotion to the rank of Lietenant, and then a flak jacket from the Military Bases in the area. He also uped the miltary from a mere 900 men to 5% of the population, or 5000.

Operation: Rats' Nest

This was the first test of the Army's mettle. They had to storm the Mountain Stronghold of the Bandit King. Driving modified Civilian Vehicles, and the few Military Vehicles they could find, they launched an assault on the Stronghold, cutting down the exterior guards, then fighting their way through the base. They eventually caught the 'Bandit King', and brought him back to Mende, where he was tried for mass murder, theft, breaking and entering, rape, and Treason. He was executed by firing squad.

Recent Years

Recently, the Coalition has been growing in power. Although it is never going to be a power in the same way that most other nations, and indeed, its neighbouring states measure power, it has now wiped out all banditry within its borders. It also has vastly improved its farming technique from its formation, as it took a few years for farmers to adjust to the lower amount of technology. 

Modern Times

The Coalition has fallen to a Military Coup, and is now under a Military Junta, which executed the previous Council Members, claiming power for themselves. Rebels in the National Park have widespread support from the civilians, and a portion of the Military has defected.


Politics are fairly ordinary, with a 3 party system, although only two parties are ever votes in.


The Left Wing 'Mouvement de la Gauche Radicale-Socialiste', or MGRS, the successor to the original MGRS. It has been in office about 49% of the time

The Right wing 'Rassemblement pour la Regroupement' or RPR is the successor to the Rassemblement pour la République. It has been in office about 50% of the time

The Union minded 'Union parti du Gévaudan', which wants the Regroupement to merge into Auvergne. It has only been in power once, and was the subject to a vote of no confidence within days. Controversy over the votes in the election leading to this election continue to the present day, as the vote three days later resulted in the usual, 2% of voters.


The Government is a Democratic Republic, as all governmental positions are voted on by Representatives, who are in turn, voted in by the public. The public votes for Council Members, who appoint other members of the political parties into Ministrial positions, and the Council decides laws. Every settlement of more than 5 houses votes a member of the Council, and the 'big three' that count themselves as cities, have a seat on the Supreme Council, which has the power, to veto one bill per month. It was this peculiarity that stopped the UPG succeeding in sending a message to Auvergne, asking to merge, as the Big Three had the power to stop the majority vote from the Council.


Being such a small nation, the need for separate, local governing bodies has never come up. All policies come from the Council, or the Ministries. This can cause cases of mismanagement, such as the Javols Incident.

Public Opinion

Overall, the public is fairly politically central, causing neither the left, nor the right wing party to gain any real advantage. It is rare for a party to remain in power more than 1 term, and although it is theoretically possible, has never occured, as most of the population will vote against the current politic party, blaming them for whatever problems they happen to be facing at the time.


The military of the Coalition used to be considered a militia, as the members had other jobs, and little or no training, and before that, they had no Military at all. However, as of 2001, the Militias are now paid, full time Military, and given a proper, 6 month training course. The military numbers around 5000, and have a uniform of hardened leather armour, dyed black, armed with Shotguns and Knives. The higher ranking officers are armed with pistols, and wear the few bullet and stab proof vests from the police stations in the Towns. Designated snipers are armed with hunting rifles, or police rifles, and as they get the best results when dealing with the Bandits.

Military Hardware

Ammunition for the Militia, and then the Military, originally was that which they could scavenge. Now however, that has run out, and they have resorted to melting down the metal from cars, and disused buildings, and wherever they can, and crafting it into bullets for the guns. They have also established trade with larger nations, and in the early days of this contact, they traded food for large quantities of scrap and gun propellant. With these, they have enough bullets to last until 2020. Guns however, they have an abundance of. The 5000 they use, came exclusively from the towns and villages within the coalition, be it a farmer's shotgun, or a hunter's rifle, or one of the many guns stored in the police stations. They also have, locked away in the armoury, a vault full of roughly 10,000 guns, taken from the bandits they engaged during Operations Realm and Rats Nest.

The also have a small force of 20-30 vehicles, former civilian vehicles, exclusively diesel, as they have no Petrol or Diesel left, and are running the Vehicles on Olive Oil. They are generally Pick-up trucks or Small Lorries, and have no weaponry on them, except what the soldiers in them have. The last of the Petrol was used up in Operation: Rats Nest.


The majority of the citizens of the coalition live simple lives, fishing in the rivers, hunting for meat in the National Park, doing simple crafts like smithing, or tending to the cattle. The coalition has also bred sheep, and goats. Around 15% of the populace are in the military. 


Jobs (of working population) :

5% - Military

40% - Farming

35% - Hunting

5% - Builders, Repairs, etc.

10% - Craftsmen - Blacksmiths, Carpenters etc.

4% - Higher Tier Jobs - Engineers, Doctors

1% - Political

Situation (from original population)-May be inaccurate, population has changed with new children, as well as deaths

70% - Alive and Healthly

25% - Dead

5% - Too young, old or ill to work


The economy of the Coalition is based on coins made of kiln hardened clay, imprinted with the Gévaudan coat of arms. The reason for this is that the Franc lost all value. Francs were collected in by the Council, and the paper money was repulped and made into paper, and the metal was melted down for bullets and arrowheads. The clay money is notoriously fragile, and a move to plastic is expected. The reason for the Coat of Arms being on it is because of a fraud who bought several valuable bows from a man, who then discovered he had given away his stock for just a few clay discs. The fraud was taken to court, and charged several thousand Regroupement Francs.


For around 15 years after the doomsday, the crops failed, 2/3 of the time. Then, one farmer realized that he, and all his fellow farmers, had been trying to get the same results as with Fertilizers, but without fertilizers.

An academic, who had studied history in Paris, informed the Farming Community that they needed to return to the old method of farming, the 3 field rotation, in which you plant a Grain crop in 1 field, Potatoes or another root vegetable in the second, and leave the third fallow, or, better still, allowing livestock to feed on it. Then, the next year, you move the livestock to the second field, plant grain in the third field, and potatoes in the first, and continue that sequence.

Many farmers own vineyards, from which they grow Grapes, and make wine. This wine is traded with our neighbouring nations.


The Livestock is allowed to feed in the fallow fields, and also have designated fields. They are used for meat and leather. Horses are used for Meat, Leather and riding. Sheep and Goats are used for Wool and Milk, with the males are slaughtered for meat, with 1 or 2 left alive per herd to breed.


Many people, who don't have the patience, or the land to farm, instead go into the national park, in which they hunt Boar, and various other animals. Due to the army taking all hunting guns, they have been forced to adapt. Many hunt with longbows, or crossbows. Many more hunt with snares. People also 'hunt' by going into barns, and catching rats. Due to the depredations of many families children, and many a starving man or woman, the rat population of the Coalition is far lower than it was as a part of France, and is in fact nearing zero.


The difference in temperature was very little, although they experienced more rainfall, which was great for the farms, and was the main reason they got any crops at all in the early years.

International Relations

The Regroupement made contact with Auvergne quite accidentally, as a supply patrol, searching for metal for the smithies, went further than normal, and discovered Auvergne. Andorra however, was searched for, and found. They also have a close bond with many small settlements near them, and are slowly pulling these settlements into the Coalition.

Following the coup, all contact with the Regroupement has been lost, although the rebels around the area frequently plead for weapons.


Being without electricity, the only other option is going to live performances. These are fairly common, and range between kids pantomimes, to Shakespeare. Many have taken up reading for entertainment, leading several enterprising individuals to write books. The most famous of these, though still unheard of to the wider world, is Clara Matheu's 'Empty Planet', which was written in the dark, early days, in which the Regroupement is the last civilized human settlement, and it slowly liberates the rest of the world from the dark ages of Banditry and brutality. It has not succeeded as a book outside of the Regroupement.

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