Since the collapse of society following the chaos, several new religions have risen up using fragments of the old world as guides. Some pre-existing religions also exist, although heavily changed or splintered.

North America


The Unionist Church, also known as the Church of Unionism is one of the largest, most widespread religions in North America, spread across much of the former Northeast United States. Centered around the Papal States in the formerly American city of Washington, the Unionist religion is headed by a central religious leader who is also president of the Papal States.

The religion of Unionism was born out of the beliefs created by Chester Hale Fitzgerald, who would later become George I of the Papal States. Based on pseudo Christianity, Unionism adopts elements from American propaganda and American exceptionalism, with the founding fathers of the United States being deified, and American symbols being holy sites.

The head of the religion is the Pope, who exercises absolute control over the church within an elective absolute monarchy. It is claimed by the Papacy that this power originates from the American Empire, which supposedly granted the first pope complete power over the empire via the Donation of Lincoln, a forged American imperial decree. The document has since been used in support of claims of political authority by the Papacy.

Granite Paganism

The religion of Granite Paganism, also known commonly as the worship of the Great Stone Face, is a religion centered around the worship and appreciation of nature native to the former United States state of New Hampshire. The religion was formed in the early twentieth century, following the destructive chaos during which the religion's foundations were created on the basis of paganism beliefs. The beliefs and culture of followers of the faith vary, with many different variants present, leading to the religion's many names and customs, but the central aspect of the religion is the worship of the Old Man of the Mountain, also known as the Great Stone Face or the Profile, as a deity and protector of the region. The religion is practiced in New Hampshire almost exclusively, centered around the White Mountains which run through the state.

Like many other native and pagan religions, practitioners did not have a name for its beliefs before the introduction of contact with outside groups. Because of this several different terms have been applied to the religion, including Granitism and Profilism, with terms like heathen and pagan being used as overreaching terms that can apply to Granite Paganism beliefs.


The Holy Patrimony

The Church of the Holy Patrimony is a church located in the Senatus Populusque Britannia. The Church views Christ as God. The Church holds to the doctrine that Christ was displeased with the world and rendered it back to its primeval form as a form of punishment. The First Senator is also the ceremonial head of the Church, though the real authority goes to the Patriarch Preferati. The doctrines and beliefs of the Church mirror heavily the influences of the Ancient Roman Catholic Church with many dogmas held very close. The Church is a part of every citizens life. The Patrimony also teaches that the Populusque Britannia was raised from the ashes of civilization to guide the world into a new era of enlightenment and understanding. Heretics are not tolerated and are often used in the Games that are held annually in various provincial capitals. The Patrimony treats certain Saints as "demi gods" and responsible for certain things on Earth. The Arch-angel Gabriel is believed to be in charge of civilization and warfare and is the most worshiped of the Gods besides the One God, the Christ himself, whom is above all things. 

The Church uses old Celtic imagery mixed with Roman symbols of pagan gods in its liturgy. Baptism is a core tenet of becoming a member of the church and involves a full submersion in blood (usually lamb, but rarely other livestock, never human though) and a week long fast in observance of Christ's bloody death and weakness toward the end of his walk on earth. The Holy Patriarch Preferati hold a considerable amount of control over Britannia's daily affairs as the church is seen as second only to God. Every Senator including the Powerful First Sentator, must be vetted by the Church before placed in a leadership role.

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