Alternative History

Distribution of religions in the Differently universe

  Roman Catholicism
  Eastern Christianity
(Eastern and Oriental Orthodox)
  Sunni Islam
  Alawite Islam

Note: This article is written as a comparison between OTL and the Differently TL.

Between Differently and our timeline, there are major and minor differences in the religions and their distribution throughout the world.

OTL Religions

Unlike in OTL, the State of Israel does not exist, thus, there are no majority Jewish nation in ATL. Instead, they exist as minorities, with the largest groups being in the United States, Syria, and Russia.

Christianity is slightly bigger due to its greater presence in northern Africa, Syria and western Anatolia. It is less prevalent in Guyana and Suriname, which are dominated by Hinduism. The distribution of denominations is pretty much the same, except for Alaska, which in Differently is mostly Eastern Orthodox instead of Protestant due to its Russian colonization.

In OTL, Islam became prominent in Southeast Asia, North Africa, Western Asia, and Central Asia, but in ATL, the fall of the Rashidun Caliphate prevents it from expanding past the Horn of Africa and the Arabian Peninsula. The main division of Sunni and Shia never happens; instead, Islam's main divisions are Sunni Islam, which is practiced in the Arabian Peninsula, and Alawite Islam, which is practiced in the Horn of Africa (Somalia and Djibouti).

Samaritanism maintains a similar minority status to OTL. The Rastafari movement is a bit smaller due to Jamaica's former policy of state atheism.

Taoism and Confucianism remain as big in China as in OTL, if not slightly bigger due to the lack of state atheism to persecute them.

Chinese Folk religion remains just as large as in OTL, though it has been eroded a bit by Christianity, especially in Taiwan.

Zoroastrianism is much larger in our timeline, due to Islam never reaching Zoroastrian regions and the Persian empire never falling.

The Indian Religions are a bit larger, due to Islam never reaching Hindu and Buddhist regions. Hinduism is also the predominant religion in Guyana and Suriname.

New Religions in ATL

Adolf Hitler created his own religion in Differently: a Neo-Asatru movement called Vanatru. This religion gathered many followers, though it remains a minority in the Christian dominated Germanic League.