Alternative History

The religions of this world are nearly all polytheistic. Some are basically like ancient religions, such as Olympianism, while others were formed by fusions of religions, such as Normano-Druidism, formed by the adaption of Gilfyism into a Mainland Druidic framework and then the absorption of Insular Druidism into an inferior position in that system. As it developed from Christianity, Islam does not exist.


The ex-State Religion if Greece, still widespread. Believe in many gods, led by the twelve Olympians, and a dreary afterlife where the past life is forgotten. The religion is headed by the "Oracle", always a woman and always named "Pythia", who suffers from this position by having to take elicit drugs regularly for as long as she is in that position. Most of the governing is done by the High Priests.

The religion is also notable for their contribution to science and technology, as long as the science does not contradict their dogma, as they believe this is necessary to clear the way for the "Second Golden Age"