List of Religions

Religion, in a broad sense, is the belief in a higher being. Most humans in the world are religious.


Christians believe in the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, and their holy text is the Bible, which is divided into 72 books and two sections: The Old Testament, which deals with the ancient Jewish people, and the New Testament, which deals with Jesus's life. There were around 750 million Christians in the world in 1943. Europe and North America had predominantly Christian populations in 1943.


Muslims believe in the teachings of Muhammad, who was the prophet of Allah. Their holy text is the Qur'an, which has 283 chapters, and the chapters are made up of a varying number of verses. There were around 500 million Muslims in the world in 1943, and the Arab countries were predominantly Muslim in 1943.


Judaism is similar to Christianity; however, they do not believe Jesus of Nazareth was the son of God; they believe he was a very good man, but not the Messiah. Rather, they believe that the Messiah has yet to come. Judaism has had a very troubled history, with much persecution in their past. There were about 16.8 million Jews in 1943, and the US and Europe had the largest population of Jews.

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