Alternative History

This may seem stupid, considering the fact that in God eu Mac̉ there is only one religion and one language, but there are things to be noted.


The language of God eu Mac̉ is called Buw̉iịun (based on the term Borean for the Proto-World language), and is an odd assembly of words that 'feel right', so for sick the word could be 'Ce (Ge)'. The African civilisations called themselves {attribute} of God, which is {borean attribute}ịc̉, so 'Syeni(Word)ịc̉ would mean 'Word of God'. There are exceptions, the term for 'messenger' adds 'ị' to the end and 'c̉' to the beginning, because the messenger 'passes things around'.


The term 'God' is used as the term for any deity, the 'God' in God eu Mac̉ (the first word is coincidence) is a reference to the Mother Goddess that the Buw̉iịun's worshipped. There may have been certain sects of the religion in the different countries, each one corresponding to a dielect of Buw̉iịun.