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Remington Firearms
Founded 1816 (original), 1997 (Re-founded)
Headquarters Asheville, Blue Ridge
Area served Blue Ridge
Industry Firearms

Remington Firearms is a firearms manufacturing company based in Asheville, Blue Ridge. The company is the largest supplier of firearms to civilians and the Blue Ridge Army. 


Madison, North Carolina initially survived Doomsday, but was soon abandoned due to refugees and other issues that most surviving towns of the former United States faced in the post-Doomsday world.


In 1997, the Blue Ridge Exploration Team that was destined for eastern North Carolina passed through the abandoned town of Madison. The team soon found the abandoned headquarters of Remington Firearms during their exploration of the town. When the Blue Ridge Exploration Team returned to Asheville, they reported to Governor Sitnick about their discoveries in eastern North Carolina, but the discovery of the headquarters of Remington Firearms, gave Sitnick an idea: restarting the company to supply both the military and civilians with firearms from a domestic company.

On August 29th, 1997, a group of investors asked Governor Sitnick about returning to Madison to recover the plans for products made by Remington before Doomsday. Governor Sitnick, seeing his opportunity, approved the request, and granted them four days of supplies and gasoline to get to Madison, recover the safe and return to Asheville. The investment team entered Madison on August 31st and removed the safe that was holding the designs on September 1st.

Upon returning to Asheville on September 2nd, the safe and its contents were taken into the custody of the University of Blue Ridge at Asheville, where it took another two days to break open. On September 4th, the safe was open, and the designs of Remington's products before Doomsday were located within. The investment team was granted office space inside the former BB&T Bank Building in downtown Asheville, which they renamed the Remington Building, which happens to be the tallest building in Blue Ridge.



  • 1911 R1 semi-automatic handgun
  • Remington Model 51 handgun


  • Model 1858 revolver
  • Model 1875 revolver


  • Model 10 pump-action shotgun
  • Model 870 pump-action shotgun
  • Model 887 pump-action shotgun


  • Remington-Keene rifle
  • Remington Model 700


Since its refounding in 1997, Remington's products have been increasingly popular by the citizens and the military of Blue Ridge.

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