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After Apocalypse Day, the World collapsed after major nuclear attacks of Germany and Japan. The 28 million that died struck the hearts of survivors. Without the sense of order, the world descended into anarchy and chaos, with billions of civilians began battling each other for supplies, territory, and necessities. Attempts were made to quell them but to no avail. The civilians took over police and military bases and stole weapons. This was the Renegade Era.

After WW2


A girl affected with Radiation Sickness.

Many people died in the first 2 years of the era due to radiation. The healthcare system wasn't suited to radiation sickness as the Axis didn't know about it. Without proper treatment, and massive fallouts, the deaths climbed to a billion by 1951. 16 million more died in 1952. The people soon began testing things for radiation and soon developed radiation suits. When the development of them were publicized, many people rushed to get their own. Because of the slow production and expensiveness of the suits, only rich people could get them. When poor people were not able to get theirs, they soon died.

With the chaos happening, warlords, former military leaders, and criminals were able to take advantage of it and tried to control the population, for example: Mao Zedong of China survived the fall of China during WW2 escaped towards Lang Son, Vietnam from Chongzuo, China in 1945 after being captured by Japanese soldiers. He met Ho Chi Minh, and they banded together to recapture Vietnam from the chaos. Some more include Joseph Stalin, who was overthrown by the military when the first Atomic bomb hit Kazan, Russia in 1945. Stalin emerged from a small house in Moscow and led military loyalists and stormed Kazansky Railway station where Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov, the leader of the Soviet Union, was waiting for a friend to arrive and hoped to welcome him. Stalin shot Zhukov, and Stalin returned to his position in 1944 but he retreated to Lublin after news of the the nuke coming.


The world lost half of its population by 1952 ( 2.5 billion in 1951). The remaining 1 billion shrunk to just around 100,000 by May. The World Leaders, particularly Queen Elizabeth, Shigaru Yoshida, Vincent Auriol, and Theodor Heuss formed the IROW, (International Rehabilitation of the World, Japanese: Sekai no kokusai rihabiritēshon, German: Weltweite internationale Rehabilitation, French: Réhabilitation internationale mondiale) an organization whose purpose was to rehabilitate the world after the horrors of the last decades. Due to massive destruction, the goal of IROW was a very hard one. The group eventually collapsed in 1954. After the collapse of IROW, the last functioning government, the competing power-seeking people had no rival anymore. This allowed for very bad and corrupt individuals to take over. The civilians rioted and without no functioning police, the new dictators soon fell. Mao Zedong, was stabbed to death by angered farmers who wanted Ho Chi Mihn as the sole leader. Stalin was killed when attempting to escape Lublin by a Finnish Assassin.

Return to Mother Africa (1960-1970s)

African Army scouts against AAW attacks.

Africa is the continent where human life originated. Because of the chaos in Europe, Asia, and the Americas, people decided to return to Africa. However, the natives saw this as a threat and decided to ambush the migrants. One notable case was Queen Elizabeth's flight to Ghana. Ghanaian Nationalists angered at the refusal of Britain to free them, shot the plane down near Kumasi using a M1 Bazooka while riding a Bell 212 helicopter. With the British Monarch dead, and no clear successor, Britain, one of the last surviving Allies fell along with France and West Germany. Africa became the last continent of the world which suffered minimal devastation. With many nations repelling migrants for fear of recolonization, South Africa instead welcomed them. Because of the natural resources of South Africa, They sustained the migrants and became a safe haven of the world. South Africa thrived, and became the first African superpower. She (South Africa) founded the African Union in order to make Africa the most advanced civilization in the world. Trade flourished and so did the nations. However, the AAW (Africa Against Whites) movement began and targeted whites living in Africa and killed them. South Africa, Egypt, and Nigeria founded the African Armed Forces to combat the AAW terrorist movement.

1970s to 2011

The AAW flag.

The last 4 decades of the era had no major wars, only the African Conflict. No major things happened, and the nuclear weapons development stopped.

In 1999, Project Rebirth was founded by Nelson Mandela and the South African Academy of Science. Its goal was to remove the radiation from affected countries. The first target was Europe in order to get the resources necessary for Asia and the Americas.