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The Report on Global Stability 2009, commonly known as the "Bread and Butter" Report referencing the authors division of the world by Communist (Bread) and Capitalist (Butter) nations. The author used the words "Bread" and "Butter" to symbolise what he felt to be the base distinction between the two sides; Communist countries had or still are dealing with problems of producing and then distributing enough foodstuffs for its population often resorting to rationing, compared to Capitalist countries food luxury. Despite the reports focus on global stability and indicating areas of problematic rulers and political situations which might lead to a larger conflict, the wider media focused almost entirely on the reports division of the world into two sides; the United States and Japan vs the Soviet Union and Communist China.

Areas of Interest[]

Areas of Interest included several countries facing internal problems, but also included obvious cases where countries of one sphere are deep within the other. Capitalist countries included Turkey, newly liberated Kosovo, Gulf States and African nations, while Cuba, Venezuela and Sri Lanka were hot spots in the Communist sphere.

Bread and Butter (Nuclear Realisation)

World divided between "Capitalist" Blue and "Communist" Red states

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