United States of China
Timeline: Great Nuclear War

OTL equivalent: South China
Flag of the Republic of China National Emblem of the Republic of China
Flag Coat of Arms
China Map GNW
Map of the USC in Blue, South
Anthem "National Anthem of China"
Capital Nanjing
Largest city Guangzhou
Other cities Hong Kong, Nanninig, Kunming, Chongqing, Chengdu, New Tapei
  others Taiwanese, English, French, Portughese, Manchurian and others
Ethnic Groups
  others Manchiu, Europeans, Tibetans, Vietnamese and others
Demonym Chinese
Government Federal semi-presidential republic
  legislature Legislative Yuan
Prime Minister
Area 2.815.073 km²
Population 831,335,873 
Established 1912 (As Republic of China)

2001 (As United States of China)

Currency Chinese Dollar
Organizations IL, SEATO, ASEAN and others
The Republic of China, known more commonly as China, is a sovereign state, based on the Island of Taiwan, with some territory on the South-East Coast of Mainland China.


Great Nuclear War

Whilst the PRC had not developed functioning nuclear weapons by the war, the Soviet Union, seeing Taiwan as a minor threat, bombed the capital, Taipei. Whilst President Chiang Kai-shek was killed, Vice-President Chen Cheng survived, and managed to establish a government in Taichung. Whilst experiencing some distress from residents, order was quickly established, and over the next few years order was once again executed.


By the beginning on 1973, Taiwan was in a position to expand once again to the mainland. The government quickly sent an expedition to Fujian, the nearest province to Taiwan. They discovered that the City of Fuzhou, capital of Fujian, had been destroyed in the war, leaving the province in disarray. Taiwan immediately sent what supplies and medical help it could to the province, and in 1975 began expansion onto the mainland. Whilst many citizens loyal to the PRC were reluctant to accept to ROC, many more gladly accepted the help.

The ROC have annex the coastal area of the Fuijan as a sovereign part of the true and only Republic of China, which is Taiwan, the ROC has also found and used equipment and materials of the PRC's Army, also recruiting info the Chinese Armed Forces every ex-soldier of the PRC's Armed Forces, and from the first time in mainland China free elections was established, with the victory of the Nationalist Party of China, and as second winning party the Socialist Party of China. (CCP was banned in ROC and any sort of Communist Party)

In 1975, Taiwan came into contact with Zhusanjiao. Whilst Taiwan has in some announcements claimed the entirety of China, relations are good, and trading has taken place between the two.


The economy and Industry of Taiwan greatly suffered the loss of Taipei. Taiwan's movements to modernisation after its expulsion from the UN was also somewhat halted. Despite this, it continues to have a strong Industrial economy on the mainland, whilst Fujian is able to provide food. Some machinery has also been salvaged from Fuzhou, and trading is due to begin with Zhusanjiao.

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