The Republic of China (also known as Nationalist China) is a small East Asian nation with relatively strong democracy and industrialisation. It is a smaller form of its original self, having lost the Civil war to Communist China. It continues to claim the land occupied by Communist China to be part of its own Government.

Regions under Nationalist Chinese control

The regions under Nationalist Chinese control include:

Fujian Zhejiang Shanghai Taiwan

Shanghai acts as the 1st city for the Republic of China, but refuses to allow it to be considered its "Capital" in case it damages its claims on the entire Chinese Mainland. Most Political Business however is conducted further away on the island of Taiwan.

Post War Situation

Despite Nationalist-Communist rhetoric being flown across both sides of the current border, few violent incidents have occurred since the end of the Civil war. Nationalist Chinese Politics are usually defined by two coalitions: One which seeks the recapture or reintegration of Communist China into the Nationalist Government, and those that wish to be a totally independent state and settle at the current borders.

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