Republic of Indiana
Timeline: Great Nuclear War

OTL equivalent: State of Indiana
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms

The Torch of the Midwest

Capital Anderson
Largest city South Bend
Other cities Evansville Kokomo, Marion Muncie Elkhart Michigan City Layette Terre Haunte Bloomington
Language English
Religion Catholicism, Protestant
Demonym Indianan
Government Republic
  legislature Congress
President Mike Pence
Currency GLRU Banknote; Indiana Dollar
Organizations Great Lakes Region Union

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The Republic of Indiana is state that controls most of the n former American state of Indiana.


During the great nuclear war Indiana lost Indianapolis and Fort Wayne But many other cities were spared being bomb. Radiation was a problem around bombed zones. Among the largest of the surviving cities  was South Bend. Shortly after the war South Bend formed a confederation with other northern Indiana communities like Michigan City and Earhart.

In 1967 Kokomo, Marion and Muncie joined the confederation. Layette followed suit in 1969. In 1975 South Bend convinced the rest of the confederation to pass a constitution creating a centralized state. Thus the republic of Indiana was born. Since it's formation Indiana has been the super power of the Midwest. Blooming ton joined in 1998 and Terre Haunte in 2002 and Evansviles joined in 2005. In 2007 the plans were made to move the capital to more central location. In 2014 the capital's move to Anderson was finished.



Indiana has the largest automotive industry in America. However most people still use horse and wagons .

Studebaker is Indiana's largest auto maker. It survived the Great Nuclear War initially by maintaining vehicles for the army . They started producing ethanol vehicles for the military in 1972 and then started making taxis in 1984. During the 70's and 80's Studebaker took over abandoned GM and Chrysler facilitates .In 1992 they built there first new factory since the Great Nuclear War.In 1999 due increased ethanol production Studebaker started selling cars to private owners. Private car sells are low but growing. In 2005 do to complaints about Studebaker being a monopoly the government forced Studebaker to sell some of it's falices. Two new companies were born out the sales. They are called the Kokomo, motor company and Indianian auto works


Indiana has developed a huge ethanol sector. It would have been impossible if Northern Manufacturing of North Ohio had sold them the machinery to make the ethanol. In 2011 the Indian started funding the research of solar power . The republic of Indian feels that solar power would be a good back for ethanol just in case a corn blight harms production.


The main crops are soy beans, grains, and corn. Sheep, pig, and chicken ranching have been on the rise since the late seventy's.  Indiana imports most of it apiary and dairy products although there is some domestic production


Elkhart is home to the pharmaceutical giant Miles Labs. Originally making only over-the-counter medicine like Alka Seltzer and Bactine they have branched out prescription drugs in the late 80's


Steel is a small but growing industry in Indian The only prewar steel mill to survive is the Continental Steel company of Kokomo, and Indiana Steel and Wire of Munnice. Several new steel mills have been opening since the late 90's. The four largest of the new steel companies are the La Porte Steel Company (its mill was built of material salvaged form the steel mills in Gary and Portage) National Steel and Iron, 21st century steel and Standard steel co.


Indian has a small electronics industry that produces radio,record players, flashlights, and kitchen appliances. Most Indianan electronics are technological comparable to products produced in the 1920's. In 2015 India largest Electronics Company, Champion Electronics released a crude transistor radio

Machine Tools

The South Bend Tool Company is the largest maker of machine tools in Indiana. Before the war they were the South Bend Lathe company. They changed their when they start branching out into other tools like joiners and wood working equipment.

Farming Equipment

The Oliver Farming Equipment Company of South Bend is Indiana's largest farming equipment company. They had a virtual monopoly on farming equipment in Indiana until the south bend tool company reopened the Advance-Rumely factory in La Porte. In 1999 a group former engineers from Oliver founded their own company called Bounty Farming Equipment based in Elkhart.


Glass has become a big industry in Indiana. The five major companies are the Indiana Glass Company, Ball Corp, Hemingray Glass, New Age Glass and Apex Glass Works. There are many other glass company in Indiana like the St Clair Glass Company. Many of these company make their glass by hand.


Indiana has developed a big textile industry since the great nuclear war. Indiana also produces wood products and hygienic products.


The government’s three branches are the legislative, judicial and executive. The president serves up to two four year terms.

Political Parties


  • Democratic Party
The Democratic Party is a center left party. They support base lies among farmers, clerks, African Americans and factory workers.
  • Republican Party
The Republican champions are the Business owners, and professionals like doctors and lawyers.


  • Homeland Party
The Homeland Party favors decreased foreign trade and spending money on making Indiana self-sufficient.
  • New Union Movement Party. The New Union Movement preaches the forming federation with Indiana’s neighbors and the eventual restoration of the United States. Most members of the New Union Movement advocate federation through the use of diplomacy with other civilized states and colonization of abandoned territory. They only approve of expansion though military force in the case of taking land form raiders who attack Indiana. In past few years a new small wings of the new union Movement has starting supporting military annexation of all former American soil and not just raider land. They justify this by saying that for all they know there could a communist state in the former Soviet territory. that is slowly conquering all of Eurasia. This radical wing say that the remnants of the America must unite to defend themselves form a possible invasion by a second Soviet Union. They also say that the communists want the American people divided and any American state that opposes reunion is an unwitting communist stooge. Many members of the moderate wing have jump ship to the Democrats and Republicans.

International Relations

Relations with North Ohio Central Pennsylvania New Yonkers are healthy.

Civil Rights

In the aftermath of the great nuclear   Several demagogues started that preached that the great nuclear was Gods punishment for America allowing the civil rights movement. While the hatemonger did attracted a sizeable following, many more people felt that the war was  the fault of the Soviet and not divine retribution. Many whites still took out their aggression on blacks in the early years after doomsday. 

During the 60's tornado outbreak ravaged Indiana. The headquarters of several hate groups devastated while the none of the home of civil rights activists were harmed. The tornado weaken the argument that the nuclear war was gods punishment for the civil rights movement.  

Since then Civil rights activists  have won many victories in Indiana. For example the government sends elections overseers to make that blacks are not intimated into not voting, all hospital wards are integrated and it is illegal for real state agents to refuse to sell or rent to blacks who can afford the property. The government even subsiding mortgages for African American since 1988 

The most famous civil activists in Indiana are the Jackson brothers. There were families of musically talented African Americans who escaped Gary during the great nuclear war.


Indiana has a healthy military. In the early days of the military, it was mostly equipped with pikes and bows as well a few old pre-war relics. They have since re-modernized by purchasing military equipment from Evansville.


All major cities have a newspaper that issues an edition at least once a week. South Bend has 5 radio stations, Bloomington and Evansville 4 Lafayette Muncie and Terre Haute and Kokomo 3 Anderson 2 and Michigan City, and Earhart have one radio station. Two TV stations went up in South Bend Evansville in 2012 Stations went up in Bloomington and Kokomo in 2015. Stations to go up in Elkhart and Muncie are scheduled for 2018.


Basketball is the most popular sports in Indiana. Baseball is also popular.


Indiana takes pride in education system. Education is free through high school. Indiana has 7 universities. They are the University of Indiana (formerly University of Indiana South Bend) Notre Dame University, Ball State University, Prude University Indiana State Bloomington University and Kokomo University. Prude and Notre Dame are considered to be among the finest research institutions left in North America.

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