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Republic of Iowa
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: Johnson County, Iowa
Flag Seal
Flag Seal
Location of Republic of Iowa
Location of Republic of Iowa
(and largest city)
Iowa City
President Matt Hayek
Vice President Dale Helling
Area 1,614 km²
Population 50,000 
Currency Dollar

The Republic of Iowa is a former state located deep in the interior of post-Doomsday North America. Despite claiming all of the former state of Iowa, the state controlled only the immediate territory around Iowa City, making the survivor state a de facto city-state. Its alliance with various brigands in the 1990s led to Iowa City being occupied by the Quad Cities Alliance. A new government decided to join the QCA as a Protectorate, ending the short-lived Republic of Iowa.

Iowa City City Hall

The former Iowan Executive Residence