Alternative History

The republic of Jefferson is a state centered around what was once northern California and southern Oregon. It was founded in 2013 as the successor to the Municipal States of the Pacific. It will be a US state very soon.

Republic of Jefferson
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday
Flag Seal
Flag Seal
Capital Yreka
Largest city Reading
Language English
Demonym Jeffersonian
Legislature Congress


In 2012 the Municipal States of the Pacific descended into civil war because the Pacific Coast Police Unit killed an innocent student who also was the nephew of the mayor of Port Orford. The rebels won the civil war in July 2012 thanks to help from the United States. A new constitution turning the Municipal States into the Republic of Jefferson, moving the capital to Yreka, was passed in October 2012 and elections were held in December 1st 2012. The Jefferson nationalist won the presdential elections of 2012 and 2016 but they lost the election of 2020 by a narrow margin to the people's progress party. The main factor contributing the nationalist loss were their candidate’s opposition to joining the United States and a report that revealed their candidate had been cheating on his wife

Jefferson has seen a large amount of development during 2020 and 2021 with a new railway being opened and power plants being completed giving energy to most of the country. The recent years have also seen closer cooperation between the United States and Jefferson and in January 2022 a team of diplomats from Jefferson were sent to Torrington to begin talks on the admission of Jefferson as a new state


The major political parties of the Republic of Jefferson are the Jefferson Nationalists and the People's Progress Party. The Jefferson Nationalists favour neoliberal capitalism, harsh anti drug policies and traditional family values. About Half of the Jefferson Nation list want to join the New United States and the other half wish to remain Independent. The People's Progress Party's platform includes support for : education, government regulation of business (meant to prevent economic dominance by robber barrons), private entrepreneurship, competitive markets and socially liberal policies. The People's Progress Party also supports rejoining the United States as a new state. The only minour parties with seats in congress includes a libertarian party called the Citizens Freedom Party and the anti-United States, pro-sovereignty party named the Jefferson Patriot Union.

International Relations

Relations with the ANZC and the SAC are strained due to the public blaming them for propping up the brutal former Municipal States of the Pacific regime. In march 2015 an ambassador from Brazil came to Yerka and made a speech about how the people of Municipal States were in their rights when they overthrew the brutal civic rights party regime. He also said that Brazilian government was sorry that it didn't have time to send aid but they are willing to send reconstruction support and were looking forward to trading again. The President of Jefferson respond by blaming the SAC and The ANZC for propping up the Civic Rights Party in the first place. The Republic of Jefferson is very close to the United States. The aid of second United States in over throwing the Civic Rights party has greatly reduced the anti American sentiment caused by being abandoned by the federal government in 1983.


Jefferson's economy is primarily based on agriculture, fishing, timber, and food processing. The wine industry was damaged by the war but hope that the industry will grow to be neck in neck with Chumash by 2045. Jefferson's economy has revived a major boost from the opening of a railroad to the United States in 2020.


The energy grid of the Municipal States of the Pacific was slightly damaged by the war. It was restored to prewar status in early 2016. A new solar power plant broke ground in May 2020.It is scheduled to be running November 2021.


In the end of the Pacific Civil War, the local militias were merged into a national army.


The Municipal States of the Pacific's surviving public radio stations were combined to form the Jefferson National Radio Network in 2013. The Jefferson Liberator is the Republic of Jefferson's National Newspaper. There are also several smaller local newspapers in the Republic of Jefferson.



The Republic of Jefferson has 5 national holidays. They are May 31st Memorial Day, July 19th Liberation Day (marks the anniversary of the surrender of the Civic Rights Party), October 5th Republic Day ( marks the official formation of the Republic of Jefferson with the signing the of the Jefferson Constitution) November 26th Thanksgiving, December 25th Christmas. There is a movement to bring back Labor day as the 6th holiday.


The young Pacific Baseball League collapsed due to the Pacific Civil War. It was revived in 2016 with only 6 teams, Redding Cubs, Yreka Angels , The Medford Padres, The Fort Brag Veterans (Based in Fort Brag, California), the Placerville Tigers (Based in Placerville, California) and the Grassvaley Cyclones (Based in Grass Valley City, California). In 2019, two new teams were founded. They are the Roseville Thorns (Based on Roseville, California) and The Eureka Hawks.


There were 5 Movie theaters in the Municipal States of the Pacific before the civil war. Only the Craterian Theater in Medford, The Cascade Theater in Redding and the Broadway Twin Theater in Yerka have been reopened. There is talk about restoring the Egyptian Theater in Coos Bay.

Performing Arts

Jefferson has a thriving theater scene. The Jefferson Shakespeare Festival (Formerly the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, and the Pacific Shakespeare Festival) is the most prestigious theater group in the country.


Both of the Municipal State's Universities were closed due to the war. MSP University Medford has reopened as Jefferson University but MSP University Redding hasn't.