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The United Republic of the Kongolese People
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Kongo
Situation in Former Angola as of 2009

Orange territory is controlled by the

People's Republic of Angola, Blue territory is controlled by the Republic of Angola, Green territory is controlled by Cabinda, Purple territory is controlled by the Republic of Kongo, and Red territory is under the control of the remaining "Soviet Kingdoms".

Capital Quimbele
Largest city Quimbele
Language Kongo
President Holden Roberto
President of the Assembled Congress
Independence March 28, 1987
Currency Kongolese Handa

The United Republic of the Kongolese People is an outgrowth of Holden Roberto's attempts through the FNLA (National Liberation Front of Angola) to overthrow the MPLA communist government of Angola. Following the collapse of the first MPLA government in Luanda, Roberto would, after having failed to capture the Luanda, and failed to achieve a reunification with UNITA, declare the independance of the Kongolese people in Africa. The nation's attempts to assert its claims have brought it into conflict with the People’s Republic of Angola, the Republic of Angola, Cabinda, and Zaire.