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Republic of Manitoba
Timeline: Days After Chaos

OTL equivalent: Manitoba
Capital Winnipeg/Fort Garry
Largest city Winnipeg/Fort Garry
Language English, French, Native Languages
Demonym Manitobian
Government Merchant Republic
Supreme Governor Louis Riel
Population 39,000 
Established 1879
Currency Winnipeg Pound

The Republic of Manitoba is a Merchant Republic established around the pre-Chaos Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) trading outpost of Upper Fort Garry, claiming the land of the Red River Colony set up in 1811 but struggling by the time of the outbreak of the Chaos. After years of struggle against an increasingly dictatorial HBC trying to maintain it's control, a group of Metis, European and Native American residents lead a short yet bloody civil war against the HBC. The leader of the Metis, Louis Riel, proclaimed the Republic of Manitoba, and was elected the first Supreme Governor of Manitoba by the wealthiest and most powerful families and merchants in the former colony.

Fort Garry, also known as Winnipeg, is the capital, and a major trading post from north to south and east to west in Northern North America. Resources from Borealia along the Red River and Lake Winnipeg are sailed down until it reaches further south. The economy is focused on the trading, though the majority of the population is farmers to feed the colony on land held by a wealthy merchant class in a form of serfdom: bound to the land, and virtually property of those who own the land the serfs work on.

The government is headed by the Supreme Governor, who is the first amongst many elected governors of various towns and regions controlled by Manitoba, reaching along both the Red and Assiniboine Rivers. While Manitoba bills itself as a Republic, it's a Republic of the wealthy, and democracy is only extended to the wealthy and those of "certain noble qualities."

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