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Republic of New York
Timeline: 1983: Doomsday

OTL equivalent: Broome, Tompkins and Tioga counties, New York
Flag of New York
Flag of New York
RNY in Purple


Anthem "I Love New York"
Capital Ithaca
Largest city Binghamton
Government Republic
President Frank H.T. Rhodes
Vice-President Carolyn K. Peterson
Area 4,489 km²
Population 235,745 
Currency New York dollar
Organizations United Communities

The New York Republic is a small republic created after the union of the two city-states of Ithaca and Binghamton in 2011. It is located in the south of what was once the American state of New York. It is bordered by State College to the south and North Pennsylvania to the west, as well as the New York Rangers Protection Zone to the east.


For more information, see the pages on Ithaca and Binghamton


The Republic of New York was founded following negotiations in Ithaca between that state, Binghamton, and the various survivor communities in Tioga county.


The government of New York is a copy of the pre-Doomsday United States government.

New Capitol City

The government has acquired an abandoned town in Tioga County to use as the new capitol of the republic. This is to prevent competition between the cities of Ithaca and Binghamton for this right. It is to be named New Albany in honour of the pre-Doomsday state capitol. The government has created a layout for the planned community, and the major government buildings (Capitol Building, Presidential Mansion, Supreme Court) have all been designed. Construction will start in early 2011, and is designed to be a massive make-work project.


Cornell University

Cornell University, the last of the "Ivy League" colleges, is the educational lifeblood of both the Republic - and the rest of the region for that matter.


The political ruling class is largely made up of individuals from either Cornell University or white collar businessmen and women from Binghampton. This is not to say that political life is off limits to those from outside these circles but rather that individuals are encouraged to take one of these routes to maximize their chances of entering the political elite.

Political Ideology

In an effort to never revert to the ideological fanaticism and partisanship that shook the world to near total destruction on Doomsday, and in the spirit of the Founding Fathers of the United States of old, partisanship is extremely frowned upon by both the intellectual grouping of faculty, students and alumni at Cornell, the common electorate, and the government itself. It is not outright banned, although politicians are unofficially prohibited from openly declaring a party "ticket" to run on.

Politicians are instead voted by individual issues; while it should be noted that there are clearly both very conservative and very liberal individuals in the government, they approach the task of governance from a realpolitik perspective and cater to the solution that works best on a issue by issue basis.



Muc of the culture largely revolves around the two cities, with Ithaca boasting a priceless amount of intellectual knowledge while Binghampton presents more of an egalitarian, blue collar approach to life while still possessing extraordinarily bright minds.


The Republic of New York Army is a combination between the Binghamton Army and the Ithaca’s Minutemen.It currently have strong that approx. 29.000.


International Relations

Both Ithaca and Binghamton were member-states of the United Communities, and the Republic retained membership when the two city-states unified. The Republic maintains economic ties to other nations in the region, especially State College and North Pennsylvania to the south as well as Oswego. Recently talks have begun about possibly unifying with the former two, although given the Republic itself being a relatively new invention it is still not clear if this will come to fruition.

The New York Republic has both provided and received assistance from the New York Rangers and the settlements under their protection throughout its history, with a formal liaisons office being maintained at Rock Hill.

Due to the abundance of electronic and communications expertise in the industrial and computer centres in Binghampton, as well as the vast amounts of knowledge at Cornell University, New York has increased its communications capabilities to maintain radio and other telecommunications contact to other, larger nations and states across the Atlantic.

Current Situation

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