Alternative History
Republic of Patagonia
Timeline: Regnum Bueno

OTL equivalent: Patagonia
Flag Coat of Arms
Flag Coat of Arms
Location of Patagonia
Location of Patagonia
Indépendance et liberté
("Independence and liberty!")
Anthem "Anthem of Patagonians"
(and largest city)
Other cities Comodoro Rivadavia

Punta Arenas
San Carlos de Bariloche

Language French and Spanish
Religion Secular state
Government Presidential republic
President Cristina Kirschner
Area 1,043,076 km²
Population 1,999,540 hab.
Independence from Republic of Argentina
  declared 12 August 1958
Currency Peso
Time Zone (UTC−2)
  summer (UTC-3)
Calling Code +54
Internet TLD .pg
Organizations UN (WTO), Mercosulam, OAS, CHH, Aladi, OTCA, Unasur, CI-A, UL e OIE.

Patagonia, officially the Republic of Patagonia or Patagonian Republic (Spanish: República Patagónica); (French: Republiqué Patagonië/Republiqué du Patagonia), is a presidential republic located in southeastern South America, in the bulk of the Southern Cone. it is bordered by Chile and the Argentine Confederation to the north.

The nation originally emerged in 1862 as the Kingdom of Araucania and Patagonia, but without recognition. After Paulist-Argentine War, there was a division of Patagonia and the Argentine Confederation.

Territorial conflicts with Chile

In 1963, the 8th Congress of the SAU, there was the elaboration of territorial reorganization of Patagonia. However, the only two countries that rejected the reorganization in Patagonia, were Chile and Bolivia-Paraguayan Republic.