Republic of Pembroke
Timeline: Apocalypse: 2012

OTL equivalent: Pembrokeshire
Flag of Pembrokeshire No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Pembrokeshire map
The location of the Republic of Pembroke
Capital Pembroke
Largest city Pembroke
Other cities St. Davids


  others English
Demonym Pembrokian
Government Republic
  legislature Old County Council (Elections to be held in 2015)
Prime Minister James Llewellyn Adams
title of chief of government
Area 1,590 km²
Population population 
Independence from The UK
  recognized de facto
Currency Barter
Time Zone GMT
  summer BST


Pembrokeshire was not nuked at all and escaped any fallout due to a fortunate south-west wind. Pembrokeshire county council reacted quickly and very well.

27th December 2012: Contact established county wide and unity secured. Rationing introduced.

1st January 2013: Declaration of Independence from any would be survivor state claiming to be the UK (since it was clear the UK did not exist any more) including the adoption of Welsh as the official language and of the flag of Pembroke

5th January 2013:

  • Moving of capital (officially at least) to Pembroke
  • The promise of fair elections when the initial 'kick start phase' has been finished (estimated to be late 2014/ early 2015)

7th January 2013: The creation of the City of Haverfordwest to appease residents of the former County town

12th January 2013: The creation of the post of Archbishop of St. Davids by the Council, and its fulfillment by the former Bishop, John Wyn Evans.

17th January 2013: The creation of a 'Revival plan' setting out the things yet to be done (including the exploration of former Carmarthenshire, Ceredigion, Cornwall and Ireland-ranked in order of importance)

16th February 2013: First few refugees from Cardiff appear on the borders in a very sorry state. A message is sent to the Council requesting a decision regarding these people. Until then the Pembrokians rebuff the intruders. Three are killed as they try to pass the border by force.

19th February 2013: After heated discussions some of the refugees are alowed over the border. More arrive daily, having heard of the state, apparently the only state in South Wales able to support itself. A Volunteer Border Defence  and Immigration Regulation Task Force (VBDIRT -  "vubdirt") is established.

25th February 2013: A day that will live in infamy. Tensions at the border along with confusing orders prove too much. Some reports claim that the refugees rioted, others that the VBDIRT started it.  Whatever the cause, a massacre took place. of the 500 refugees all bar 34 are dead. 19 of the 34 are wounded.

26th February 2013: Protesters gather, some Pro-refugees, some Pro-VBDIRT.  The government reacts swiftly. The 34 survivors are allowed over the border and escorted to medical aid. Prime Minister James Llewellyn Adams calls for a major investigation, which is started before the day ends. The Commander of  the VBDIRT forces David Jones, is put under house arrest until the inquiry is over, which he accepts with surprisingly little fuss. With the Government doing something protests abate by around 16:00.

1st March 2013: St. David 's Day. Large scale celebrations in many towns and villages. The Archbishop of St. David's calls for peace, reconciliation and prayer in his speech to the people.

2nd March 2013: Commander Jones (VBDIRT) is put on trial at along with several other VBDIRT troops on charges of:

  1. Crimes against Humanity 
  2. Treason
  3. Inciting violence
  4. Discrimination
  5. Assault
  6. Manslaughter
  7. Murder

10th March 2013: The Jury deliver their verdict. All of the accused are found Guilty to some extent. All bar Commander David Jones are found guilty of charges 3,4,5 and 6. They are ordered to do one years labour supporting the country. David Jones is found Guilty of all charges.  The court strips him of his rank, discharges him of military service and orders banished from the Republic. He will have until one minute past midnight on the 16th of March to be gone or he will be killed.

16th March 2013: David Jones breaks into a hastily constructed Government Food and Resource Storage Centre in Haverfordwest and makes off with a large haul of supplies. It transpires that he had inside help, one of the convicted men was serving there, later found dead with a note stuck to his face with a staple. It reads:

Dear Prime Minister,

Thank You and Goodbye.

Commander Jones (VBDIRT)

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