Republic of Rome
Republic of Rome
Timeline: Republic of Rome

OTL equivalent: Italy
No flag No coa
Flag Coat of Arms
Capital Rome
Largest city Berlin
  others English
Emperor William Terantian
Emperor William Terantian
Area 904,508,428 km²
Population 446,591,628 (not counting the 652,016,104 living in territories) 
Currency Relit

The Republic of Rome is the largest country in the world. Founded in the year AD 172, the nation has been involved in several civil wars during its 1,836 year span.

Origins of the Republic

In 172, it was clear that the Roman Empire was falling, as it had lost two-thirds of its land to invaders and over 65% of its population was dead. So, the Empire surrendered to the invaders and gave them all the Roman land except for Rome and a 100 km² area around it. On July 13, 172, the Republic of Rome was founded and the very first leader was Ichabard Christ, son of Jesus Christ.

The Country Expands

During Christ's last year as Emperor, it was discovered that the Britannian's were plotting to attack and destroy Rome and its sister city of Reme. Worried that this may be the end of the young nation, Christ order the creation of a Grand Army and declared that all able-bodied men over the age of 15 must immediately show up and be ready for war. In total, 23,000 men arrived to go to war. Luckily, the Britannian's were expecting only a few hundred men to show up and only had 1,000 soldiers protecting the Britannian city of Sicily. Soon, more than half of the population joined the army and Rome now had control over most of modern Italy.

The 500 Year War

In 210, several thousand citizens declared secession from Rome, as they were being punished for being members of the religion Oponiaism. Roman law forbid it to be a member of a religion that is not approved by the government. Since Oponiaism preached many things against Rome, it would never be an official religion. As such, 8,519 citizens of Rome seceded and formed the new nation, Juopia. This angered the Emperor, who declared war on Juopia. Shocked by the fact that the government, would attack a young nation, an estimated 24,000,000 left Rome for Juopia. Rome was literally split in two.

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