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The Republic of Superior Air Force (RSAF), formerly known as the Republic of Superior Army Air Force (RSAAF), is the aerial warfare branch of the R.S. armed forces. Initially part of the Republic of Superior Army, the RSAF was formed as a separate branch of the military on May 20th 2002 under the National Security Act of 2002. It is the most recent branch of the R.S. military to be formed.

The RSAF has 66 manned aircraft in service. The RSAF has 800 personnel on active duty, 200 in the Air National Guard, and another 100 in the Air Force Reserve as of December 2008.

The Department of the Air Force is headed by the civilian Secretary of the Air Force who oversees all administrative and policy affairs. The Department of the Air Force is a division of the Department of Defense, headed by the Secretary of Defense. The highest ranking military officer in the Department of the Air Force is the Chief of Staff of the Air Force.


Search and Rescue[]

These missions are used to rescue soldiers in downed areas deemed as "HNZ", or "Hostile No-Man's Zones". If an air rescue is deemed impossible or will take a long time small aircraft will be deployed to direct the soldiers to the safest area to hold up until a rescue is deemed possible.

Air Sovereignty[]

All aircraft flying into HNZ are deemed as sovereign territory of the Republic. Should they land in a nearby HLZ the following one-fourth sq km is deemed temporary sovereign base territory of Superior until either the aircraft leave or the area turns into an actual territory.

Irregular Warfare[]

While this has not happened to date, soldiers are trained for the event they encounter other aircraft in flight.


The Republic of Superior Air Force was officially formed on the foundation of the Republic of Superior.


Administrative Organization[]

The RSAF is governed by a two-tier system, the first being the RSAF Chief of Staff and the RSAF Fighter Command.

Force Structure[]


Operational Organization[]

The RSAF is a well equipped force and is based on the old USAF.

Commander, Air Force Forces[]

Air Operations Center[]

The Air Operations Center is Located in Mackinaw City. It commands all of the Republic of Superior's air operations.


Commissioned Officers[]

Approximately 100 personnel

Enlisted Airmen[]


1983DD RSAF Uniform

RSAF uniform


same as the USAF


  • Order of Merit
  • Purple Heart


Enlisted personnel are expected to do 6 months at flight school before they can start training.


Name Type Versions Quantity Picture
F-16 Fighting Falcon Multi-Role Fighter F-16A
F 16
A-10 Thunderbolt II Attack Aircraft A-10A 10 A10-thunderbolt2
C-5 Galaxy Cargo Aircraft C-5A 9 C-5Galaxy 1
UH-1 Iroquois Multipurpose Helicopter UH-U1 23 Uh1Gunship07