The Republic of Susquehanna voted to secede from Pennsylvania on December 24th, 1977 due to citizens belief that they needed to rejoin the United States, and wanted their opinions to be heard.  The counties that voted to secede were: Montour County, Columbia County, Northumberland County, Lycoming County, Union County, and Schuylkill County.
Pa-o nationality flag

Flag of the Republic of Susquehanna


The Republic of Susquehanna follows a similar structure of government as the Pennsylvanian government followed before.  Each county gets 2 Senators in the Senate, and 1 Representative in the House of Representatives for every 2000 citizens (Rounded to the nearest 2000).  Bloomsburg, the capitol, only gets one Senator and 6 Representatives.

County Name Capitol Population # of Senators # of Representatives
Bloomsburg Federal District 12,499 1 Senator 6 Representatives
Columbia Berwick 55,128 2 Senators  27 Representatives
Lycoming Williamsport 117,834 2 Senators 59 Representatives
Montour Danville 21,837 2 Senators 11 Representatives
Northumberland Sunbury 96,102 2 Senators 46 Representatives
Schuylkill Pottsville 148,938 2 Senators 75 Representatives
Union Lewisburg 43,127 2 Senators

22 Representatives

Socotra Hadibu 41,194 2 Senators 21 Representatives

Political parties haven't changed much, but there have been some new parties appearing.

Political Party Number of Seats in the Senate Number of Seats in the House of Representatives
Democratic 3 83
Republicans 5 92
Pacifist 2 19
Socialists 0 1
Libertarian 2 48
Secessionist 3 24

Currently, the governor of the Republic is George Damus.


The military was formed consisting of drafted citizens and National Guardsmen.  Today the main armed forces are composed of over 35,000 personnel, and has advanced weaponry and ships. 

The National Guard was founded to protect the nation from foreign invasion or internal strife.


31,000 infantry (Divided into 29 regiments of 1000 men each, regiments divided into 10 companies of 100 troops, each company into 25 squads, four soldiers each.  Two Turkish Regiments.)

Main Battle Rifle: M-19 (note: some have M203 grenade launchers), M79 Grenade Launcher, M-92 machine gun, AH.30 SAW, M1919 machine guns

Main Side Arm: M1911

32: Leopard 1A4 Main Battle Tanks

20: M151 MUTT

26: M116 Howitzers

10: M113 Armored Personnel Transport

67: M1-McDade tanks

210: Humvee's

30: M213 APC

5: Big Zadyi artillery guns

(Republic of Susquehanna armored units are divided as follows- Unit 1-2: 10 M151's; Unit 3-6: 4 M116 Howitzers; Unit 7: 10 M113 APT's; Unit 8-10:  10 Leopard 1A4's; Unit 11-16: 10 M1-McDade Tank's; Unit 17: 2 Leopard 1A4's, 7 M1-McDade Tanks; Unit 18: 10 M116 Howitzers; Unit 19 and 20: 15 M213 APC; Unit 21: 5 Big Zadyi's)

National Guard:

19,000 troops, mechanics, pilots, military police

Main weapon: M-19, K-22 Bullpup (Military Police- MP-2 semi-automatic rifle/shotgun)

20: T-54/55 Medium Tanks

13: M60 Pattons

400: Modified Pickup Trucks (Most armed with M1919 Browning machine guns)

29: UH-1 Hughes Helicopters

12: F-4A Phantoms

20: LOAMS Anti-Missile Systems

Home Defense Guard

56,000 personnel

Main weapon: M-19 or M-14

Air Force:

2,000 pilots, mechanics, and other support personnel

Main weapon- M1911

7: Bell UH-1 Iroquois

36: Bell AH-1 Cobra

30: F-4A Phantoms (Purchased from Turkey)

16: B-52 bombers (Purchased from United States)

4: ZSU-23-4 anti-aircraft guns (Purchased from Turkey)

12: F-15

24: F-12 Lowland Interceptors

9: FP-52 Refueling Plane

11: CP-52 Transport Plane

5: HL-93 Heavy lifting Helicopters

(Republic of Susquehanna air units are divided into flights as follows- Flight 1-5: 6 Bell AH-1 Cobra's, 1 Bell UH-1 Iroquois; Flight 6: 6 Bell AH-1 Cobra's, 2 Bell UH-1 Iroquois (Assigned to the RoS Proper); Flight 7-8: F-12 Lowland's; Flight 9-11: 10 F-4A Phantom's; Flight 12-15: 4 B-52 Bombers; Flight 16: 9 FP-52 Refuelers; Flight 17: 11 CP-52 Transports; Flight 18: 5 HL-93 Cargo Helicopters)


3,000 sailors

600 pilots

1000 mechanics

Main weapons: M-19

6: Knox Class Frigates (Bought from Turkey)

23: AT-1 Troop Transports/Attack ships

11: MC-82 combat destroyer

3: MH-82 Attack and Transport Helicopters

6: ZSU-23-4 Anti-aircraft guns

10: Leopard 4A2 Tanks

20: Saladin-1D Tanks

12: F-4A

6: F-15

12: F-12

9: Type 209 submarines

1: Susquehanna-class Aircraft Carrier

1: Kresta-class Cruiser

4: Kashin-class Destroyers

1: Bald Top-class Amphibious Assault Ship

3: Stealth-class Torpedo Boats

(Republic of Susquehanna Naval units are divided as Task Forces: Task Force 1-2: Two Knox-Class Frigates, Two MC-82 Class Destroyers, One Type 209 submarine, Two Kashin-class destroyers; Task Force 3: Two Knox-Class frigates, Two MC-82 destroyers, Two Type 209 submarines; Task Force 4: One Bald Top-Class amphibious assault ship,  Two MC-82 Class destroyers, Four Type 209 submarines, One MC-82 destroyer; Task Force 5: One Susquehanna-class aircraft carrier, Four Type 209 submarines, Two MC-82 class destroyers, One Kresta-class cruiser, Two Kashin-class destroyers)

Atlantic Fleet:

  • Task Force 1, Task Force 4

Pacific Fleet:

  • Task Force 2

Indian Fleet:

  • Task Force 3, Task Force 5

Home Defense Fleet:

  • See Coast Guard

Note: Torpedo Boats operate independently, and are assigned to the RoS proper.

Marine Corps:

2000 Marines

500 Pilots and Mechanics

5: AH-1 Apache

6: NT-10

10: 1A4 Leopard Tanks

10: M1- McDade Tanks

Coast Guard:

50 pilots,

200 mechanics

600 Marines

Main Weapons: M14

Side Arm: M1911

8: Cessna 172

1: Sikorsky H-19

6: UH-1 Hughs transport helicopters

20: Coast Guard Cutter Boats (armed with one M240 machine gun, a 20 mm cannon and a Hellfire Missile Launcher)

1: River Cutter

4: Patrol Frigates

Columbia Guard:

2000 Soldiers

50 Pilots

Main Arm: M-19 Compact, M92 machine gun, RPG-7, AH.30 SAW

6: F-12

10: M1 McDade Tanks

4: M113 APC

1: Stealth boat

10: AH-89 Helicopters

Nuclear Weapons:

The Republic of Susquehanna was a former nuclear-armed nation. They completely disarmed in 1996 with the help of the Commonwealth of Australia and New Zealand.


Before the Zombie apocalypse rocked the whole planet, the citizens of the RoS were living the state of Pennsylvania, United States of America.  When things went bad they tried to remain with their homeland but a few years into it they realized that it was time to part ways.  Most of the government was local for some time, until some members organized them into a republic.

Other Data

Stability: 43

Infrastructure: 3.00

Army: 2.25

Navy: 1.75

International Relations

Currently the Republic of Susquehanna maintains an embassy in most nations of the world, and a security force for policing.  They are part of NATO and have recently joined the United Cure Organization, and the Independent States Allied Forces. 


  • United States
  • United Islamic Caliphate
  • Florida
  • Saudi Arabia
  • United Republics
  • Chan Santa Cruz
  • Texas
  • Dinetah
  • ANZ


  • Free Alaska
  • Pakistan
  • South Africa
  • Republic of Wu
  • Turkey
  • Republic of Italy
  • North California
  • India

Not Trusted:

  • Bay Republic
  • People's Republic of China
  • Russia


  • Libertad
  • Rezzurectionists

At War With:

  • None


As of the present date, the Republic of Susquehanna is part of the Appalachian Federal Republic.

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