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Republic of Texas
Timeline: Yellowstone: 1936

OTL equivalent: Eastern Texas, Western Louisiana
Flag Seal
Flag Seal
Capital Corpus Christi
Largest city Corpus Christi
Other cities Laredo
Language English, Spanish
Population 14,780,471 


Post Yellowstone

After the Yellowstone Eruptions, the government of Texas quickly evacuated to the city of Corpus Christi and declared the entire western part of the nation a disaster zone. Once they realized that the federal government was no longer able to protect them, they reorganized the remaining counties and towns left as a loose collection of city-states and an alliance called the Texas Confederation. The states were (Population: Census 1937)-

  • Beaumont (Population: 41,058)
  • Brazoria (Population: 146,294)
  • Fort Bend (Population: 96,859)
  • Galveston (Population: 59,265)
  • Hardin (Population: 9,728)
  • Houston (Population: 956,416)
  • Jasper (Population: 4,825)
  • Liberty (Population: 6,379)
  • Newton (Population: 1,852)
  • Orange (Population: 27,924)
  • Tyler (Population: 7,257)


Political Divisions



Foreign Relations

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