Alternative History
Gweriniaeth Cymru
Timeline: Great Nuclear War
Preceded by 1962-2000 Succeeded by
Flag of the United Kingdom.svgUnited Kingdom Flag of the United Kingdom.svgUnited Kingdom

Flag of Wales.svgWales

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Flag of
Location of
Capital Cardiff
Largest city Cardiff
Language Welsh
Currency Welsh Pound

The Republic of Wales (Welsh: Gweriniaeth Cymru) was a sovereign state in the West of the Island of Great Britain. It was independent until 2000, when it peacefully reunited with the United Kingdom.


Great Nuclear War

Wales was not hit in the Great Nuclear War. However, with no united local government, Wales quickly fell into disarray. Hundreds of local goverancnes and military bases quickly took up local control.


Slowly these started to expand, the biggest state based around Cardiff, but also Llangefni, Pembroke, Wrexham, Swansea and Caerphilly. As contact was made between these mainly democratic state, so did co-operation. Originally founded to coordinate trade and common defence, the Republic of Wales was formed in 1970. Additionally, whilst relations with the BPA were friendly, the RoW also served to stop BPA influence over Wales, and to ensure continued Welsh independence.

However, over the next few years the Welsh Republic began to solidify and unify, until it essentially constituted a single, democratic state.

Welsh-Scottish War

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In 1993 the British-Scottish War erupted. Whilst Wales was not originally involved, they prepared for combat. Indeed, on the 17th March 1994 Scottish forces landed in Anglesey. However, Welsh forces, quick to reat, were able to repel the invaders within a week, and in June a British-Welsh taskforce invaded and took over the Isle of Man.

This saw the first increases of British-Welsh cooperation, and by 1990 the question of Wales rejoining the United Kingdom was seriously raised. In 1995 a referendum was held on the question of Wales rejoining the United Kingdom with high devolvement and autonomy, and with 67% was passed. Over the next few years preparations were made, and on the 1st January 2000 Wales became a British Constituent Nation.