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Map of the Soviet Union (New Union)

The republics and union cities of the USSR.

The subjects of the Soviet Union (Russian: субъекты СССР, sub"yekty SSSR), colloquially known as union subjects (субъекты союза, sub"yekty soyuza, lit. "subjects of the union") are the top-level constituent entities within the Union of Soviet Sovereign Republics. The Soviet Union currently comprises of 38 union subjects, which includes 34 union republics (союзные республики, soyuznyye ryespubliki) and four union cities (города союзного значения, goroda soyuznogo znachyeniya; lit. "cities of union significance").

Some republics of the USSR contain within them autonomous republics. The union subjects and autonomous republics are subdivided into oblasts and rayons (which can vary).


Flag Republic ISO Capital Area (km²) Population
Flag of Abkhazia Abkhazia AB Sukhumi 8,665 1,102,628
Flag of Karachay-Balkaria Alania AN Karachayevsk 15,054 453,659
Flag of Nagorno-Karabakh Artsakh AR Stepanakert 5,018 710,845
Flag of Azerbaijan Azerbaijan AZ Baku 81,582 10,218,159
Flag of Bashkortostan 1992 Bashkortostan BA Ufa 142,947 5,135,627
Flag of Belarus (1991-1995) Belarus BY Minsk 207,595 12,182,167
Flag of Buryatia Buryatia BU Ulan-Ude 408,650 2,147,426
Flag of Chuvashia Chuvashia CU Cheboksary 18,300 2,004,099
Flag of Adygea Circassia AD Maykop 25,014 3,158,857
Flag of Cossackia (New Union) Cossackia KA Novocherkassk 236,744 13,663,825
Flag of Crimea Crimea KM Simferopol 26,081 4,860,990
Flag of Dagestan 1994 Dagestan DA Makhachkala 50,270 3,785,416
Flag of Gagauzia (New Union) Gagauzia GA Comrat 2,506 580,721
Flag of Kalmykia Kalmykia KL Elista 74,731 1,000,026
Flag of Karakalpakstan (New Union) Karakalpakstan QR Nukus 164,900 2,063,800
Flag of Karelia (New Union) Karelia KR Olonets 193,247 2,597,154
Flag of Kazakhstan (1992-1996) Kazakhstan KZ Alma-Ata 2,718,538 23,050,250
Flag of Komi 1991 Komi KO Syktyvkar 449,544 1,846,927
Flag of Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan KG Bishkek 199,951 7,238,184
Flag of Mari El (New Union) Mari El ME Yoshkar-Ola 23,375 1,348,895
Flag of Mordovia (1995-2008) Mordovia MO Saransk 26,128 1,060,545
Flag of South Ossetia Ossetia OS Java 11,887 1,905,823
Transnistria National Flag(proposal) Russia RU Vladimir 2,584,391 61,166,899
Siberian flag Siberia SB Krasnoyarsk 9,471,596 44,729,663
Flag of Tajikistan Tajikistan TJ Dushanbe 143,100 8,657,425
Flag of Tatarstan 1991 proposal Tatarstan TA Kazan 67,847 5,092,933
Flag of Transnistria Transnistria PM Tiraspol 4,163 961,875
Flag of Turkmenistan (1992-1997) Turkmenistan TM Ashkhabad 491,210 5,988,619
Flag of Tuva (1992) Tuva TY Kyzyl 168,604 741,910
Flag of Udmurtia Udmurtia UD Izhevsk 42,061 1,769,903
Flag of Ukraine Ukraine UA Kiev 576,468 53,491,584
Flag of Uzbekistan (New Union) Uzbekistan UZ Tashkent 284,078 39,051,762
Flag of Chechen Republic before 2004 Vainakhia VA Grozny 19,332 2,168,372
Flag of Sakha Yakutia SA Yakutsk 3,083,523 1,513,971