Restored Monarchy is a timeline in which the National Protection War of 1915—1917 (to only 1916 in OTL) is a victory for Emperor Hongxian, better known as Yuan Shikai, a Chinese politician who attempted to restore the monarchy in the form of the Empire of China. In OTL, he was stopped by rebelling provinces and anti-monarchists in his own administration.

Points of Divergence

  • Resistance to monarchy in China is lessened due to Yuan Shikai's effective propaganda and his leadership abilities
  • His Beiyang Army (later called the Imperial Army) is much more devoted to him and the restoration of monarchy, raising their combat performance (not to mention even in OTL they were better trained and more experienced than opposing troops).
  • Support from neighboring countries is greater, and the southern provinces do not have as much support from their own people.


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